Hello World.

I am busy re-mastering some of my early music, going all the way back to when I was 15 years old. From French hip-hop I recorded with rappers in Marseille, to fast and furious Acid Techno, to scary Dark Industrial, and Black Metal (!)...

A lot of it is hard to listen to, if you are not in the mood but hey, it's part of my creative story. It is fascinating looking back at all that happened since, and think about how I felt back then making this music. Music is like time travel. It captures and encapsulates, cristalizes emotions and thoughts.

This was before my more ambiant work (such as the "All Life is One" album) from the 2000s.

I have had a lot of fun digging through my old tunes, and will post all of them online as I make progress publishing them.

To start, here is Les Armes Sont Pretes, a song I recorded with a friend nicknamed "Jo Lucio" on the microphone. This was 97-98, we were young! It was a great experience.
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