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Manuel Camelo
La vita è una sola... Non sprecarla inutilmente. :)
La vita è una sola... Non sprecarla inutilmente. :)

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Ciao Mitico mi sono Iscritto =) (y)

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HELL NO ! I don't want to die !!!!! #Illuminati Fuck you up if u don't save us ! All these riches are rich thanks for us ! For the People that gave them money, now what? You're leaving all of us to the death?

+The White House +Barack Obama +European Space Agency, ESA +European Commission #ALL #RICH

Hear to ME ! HEAR TO ME !!! I'm an Inventor, we could save the Earth, we could live everyone in an Incredible ammount of Common Richness, Everyone could live fine thanks to the Technology, what the fuck you think you're doing? Destroy the Earth and all of Our History and Evolution that takes milions of years to evolve !
You Imbecils, you all going to die in your bunkers.

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What do we all really are? Who knows...

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How it's even possible that people is so that much full of insanity?
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