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Manu Sporny
Works at Founder/CEO of Digital Bazaar. Chair of Web Payments, JSON-LD, RDFa @ W3C. Champion for science and art, distributed banking, crowd-funding, human-centric technology, PaySwarm, Linked Data and puppies.
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Manu Sporny

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So much win - computer models teaching themselves how to walk. My favorite test is the one where they throw 5kg boxes at the poor sim.
Cool stuff!
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Manu Sporny

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W3C, US Federal Reserve, Google, World Bank, and many others get together to talk Web Payments

The first ever W3C Web Payments Workshop happened two weeks ago. It was a success. Through it, we have taken significant steps toward a better future for the Web and those that make a living by using it. This is the story of how we got from there to here, what the near future looks like, and the broad implications this work has for the Web:

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E-Commerce/Payment Researchers gather at EC-Web 2014

EC-Web 2014 is an international event for presenting and discussing contributions to the theory of e-business research as a field, innovative payment technology, empirical research, user studies, and the analysis of economic effects.

Full disclosure: I'm the track chair for the Payments and Non-monetary
Compensations track covering virtual currencies, non-monetary
compensation schemes, and micropayment systems.

The final submission deadline for the the 15th International Conference on  Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies (EC-Web 2014) is next week. The conference will be held in Munich, Germany, from September 1 - 5, 2014.


If you are active in this field, consider submitting a full or short paper (12 or 6 pages Springer LNBIP/LNCS format). Please also share this call with colleagues and friends.

The hashtag is #ecweb2014
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Manu Sporny

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The future of Payments on the Web

Web developers and technologists: This is a breakdown of what happened at the recent W3C Web Payments Workshop and how it's going to change the work that you do: #w3c
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Manu Sporny

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Google's Adds Support for RDFa and JSON-LD

Huge! Google's now fully supports RDFa and JSON-LD in their examples (and markup):

#w3c #rdfa #jsonld
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I'm very glad we've gotten this done!

+Jeff Sayre, it's worth noting that as a site having RDFa and JSON-LD examples doesn't necessarily mean that they'll all work in every product/feature of your favourite search engines. But this is progress for sure, and things seem to be evolving nicely...
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Manu Sporny

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During tomorrow’s CRS-3 launch to station, SpaceX will attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage. This test is not a primary mission objective and has a low probability of success (30-40%), but we hope to gather as much data as possible to support future testing.

After stage separation, when Dragon is well on its way to the ISS, the first stage will attempt to execute a reentry burn and then a landing burn over the Atlantic Ocean. Falcon 9 is carrying four landing legs, which will deploy partway into the landing burn. Eventually, SpaceX hopes to land the first stage on land.

Though success is unlikely with this test, it represents an exciting effort toward someday developing a reusable rocket.
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Manu Sporny

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Amazing new Harvard-XVIVO animation on "Protein Packing". Following on the footsteps of the classic Inner Life of a Cell video, this animation strives to more accurately septic the molecular chaos in each and every cell, with proteins jittering around in what may seem like a random motion.

From NYT article:  "In this movie, we enter a neuron by diving through a channel on its surface. Once inside, we’re instantly surrounded by a swarm of molecules. We push through the crowd until we reach a proteasome, a barrel-shaped molecule that shreds damaged proteins so their components can be used to make new proteins.

Once more we see a vesicle being hauled by kinesin. But in this version, the kinesin doesn’t look like a molecule out for a stroll. Its movements are barely constrained randomness."
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He was once a little green slab of clay, but you should see what guanine can do today...
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Web Payments Community Group Meeting Summary for 2014-04-09

We did a review of what happened at the Web Payments Workshop, our upcoming participation in the 2014 Internet Governance Forum, the plan on getting the United Nations' CITRAL (international payment laws group) involved, identity, anonymity, privacy, and security, current and future payment systems, and initiating payments and digital receipts.

  1. Internet Governance Forum 2014
  2. Getting United Nations' CITRAL Involved
  3. Web Payments Workshop Review
  4. Identity, Anonymity, Privacy, and Security
  5. Current and Future Payment Systems
  6. Initiating Payments and Digital Receipts

Full transcript and audio logs are available here:

#webpayments  #w3c
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Major update to website

The website had been updated today.

The two major changes in this release are:

- The addition RDFa and JSON-LD examples to the existing microdata examples

- Under each type, a list of properties for which that type is a valid value

H/t to +David Deering and +Jarno van Driel for their earlier posts on this development!

#schemaorg   #rdfa   #jsonld   #microdata  
As reported today by Dan Brickley, a new version of the website has been launched. The most significant change is that examples are now available in RDFa an [...]
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Why Silicon Valley isn't hiring the best people

The myth that the best talent is in Silicon Valley and how small startups are changing that belief: #startup
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  • Founder/CEO of Digital Bazaar. Chair of Web Payments, JSON-LD, RDFa @ W3C. Champion for science and art, distributed banking, crowd-funding, human-centric technology, PaySwarm, Linked Data and puppies.
    Founder/CEO, 2004 - present
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Founder/CEO, leading the integration of finance and payments into the core architecture of the Web
Founder/CEO of Digital Bazaar. Chair of Web Payments, JSON-LDRDFa @ W3C. Champion for science and art, distributed banking, Web Payments, crowd-funding, PaySwarm, Linked Data and puppies. More on the personal blog.
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