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Also known as the next billion-dollar business.
that could work... until you dismiss and fall back asleep
I would never need that. It's been some time since I last heard my alarm go off. Usually I'm awake well before.
definitely could work :))
where can I download the application? :)
it could've been 1 Billion dollars....Mark would've snoozed then.
+Srini Ramakrishnan: That already exists! Try the Alarm Clock Pro app on Android. As a user, I can tell you... there's nothing more annoying not able to subtrace 19 from 47 when you are 80% asleep.
For me- hide under the mattress. Ah, peace! Wouldn't dare to throw my Samsung Galaxy on the ground, as my subconscious would have let me for a Nokia.
I would probably just hit dismiss and then keep on sleeping til the world ends.
I SO NEED THAT i would be the one to pay 99 cents to sleep longer tho...
hahaha free android apps .. always surprising...
Wait, shouldn't Dismiss be .99 cent ? Since that button will simply stop the alarm and never ring again.
HAHA! this is priceless! certainly not the snooze button though
both of them should have prices.. so that the alarm will keep on ringing,,!
i love this picture man!! I totlly wanna out that on my sisters phone!
Thank you +Oliver Heckmann +Ben Lynch +Gerald Tetu ! +Stepan Davidovic +Didier A. the problem with "Dismiss" is that you either need to get up right away (but who does that, really?), or fear that you'll sleep for many more hours, hence the temptation for the "Snooze" button to sleep "just another 10 minutes" (and that's why I thought it might be interesting to fight that temptation with a monetary incentive ^^). I'm certainly a snooze-addict, like many others. +Michelle Fang Same here :-)
You would end up spending $7.00 a week.
why don't you just dismiss and go back to sleep?
I would just hit dismiss and go back to sleep...
If this put the cash into your pension fund I reckon it could be a really popular app.
It wouldn't work for me lol I would just press dismiss and actually have the balls to fall asleep when I know I have to be at work that morning lol
Being a dedicated nerd, I feel like I could force quit an android app in my sleep. And I think it takes less taps for me to force quit an app than to approve a transaction.

But those are more engineering issues that could probably be worked out. I like the idea.
I get up at 8:30, but I usually put my alarm at 7.50, and snooze afterwards so I can slowly phase out of sleeping mode. So that would be £4 a day!
lol.....turn the phone off if it keeps ringing
yeah bot of them should have prices
I think I want to get up at eight o'clock ting ting ting changed to snooze for another hour. <3 ;)
huh what r u talkin about? i would wake up at 9:00
nvm i got it blonde moment i thought it said what is ur billionare
It could actually work if you donated the money to charity or something I bet people would use it and I bet you would get a lot of money.
impressive, but where does the money go ? I wanna work there :}
SO FUNNY ..................................................but i wake up at 10:00 if i dont have work
Rach T
thats a good idea! people would be so rich!
/dismisses, goes back to sleep.

I have an alarm that makes me answer math questions before it can be dismissed and I still somehow manage to solve 10 problems in a daze, turf my phone, and fall asleep again.
Rach T
HAHAHA...Thats a pretty cool alarm clock!
No, no.. it's all wrong. the solution IS oversleeping.
i know sometimes i dont even feel like getting up
Rach T
Amen to that chicka!
I have a " my pillow ". It is so good, I'd pay 50 bucks for one extra minute of sleep. Great idea though. Mabey we'll just hibernate.
im still going to pay!! I just love sleeping!
Ce M
LOL so cool
That's genius, but the phone company would end up getting way too much money than necessary.
hahahahaahahahaha im glad i dont have that phone
That would be a good idea, actually, if it used some sort of in-app currency with rewards you could redeem for (like those "AppRewards" apps and the such).
Brilliant! (of course, I got rid of alarm clocks 5 years ago. I don't like dream killers).
that is so funny but i sleep til 10:00 unless i have work but some times my kids wake me up
why is this my life????? #yesyoungiphone4g
this app would make the developer super rich my next morning. Think of how many people hit the snooze button multiple times!
They should of made the snooze even more.

+1 if you agree...
Dismiss ..................!!!
Always find a different app
Absolutely brilliant!
bahahah my sister woent even know it until she cheks her balince
We will find other ways to procrastinate.
Wouldn't work for me anyway as I set half a dozen alarms in the morning because I know that I will always switch them off rather than hit snooze.
i do not have a alarm so i do not need it
Ha! Everyone would have to feel my wrath if I have to buy a snooze! lol
lol id choose dismiss corz its free and dnt mind pressing it a thousand times
Oh Gosh My solution is to have the kettle and if necessary coffee ready next to my bed
a good issue to think on , you r quite an observer
Wooh! What an idea.Let us all follow it.But let the setting be exempted for sunday.Forward to all mobile manufacturers.
i'm sure it would work on android, those iphone users will pay up though. On android we would rather have to watch an ad to snooze.
Couldn't you just press "dismiss" then continue sleeping?
That is a neat idea. And have the money go to charity.
well sure this one is going to make ppl
It will be installed by your employer.. :)
I think "dismiss" must also be "charged". The service provider's gonna get rich overnight ( Oops! I mean "overdawn"). I agree that most of us snooze without looking at the phone
Ran Liu
Haha! That's a wonderful idea!
I don't think this is a solution. My problem is not snoozing the alarm several times, it's dismissing the alarm and not getting up!
Never mind what i said I never saw the $0.99 snooze button.
i would click dissmis then go back to sleep
Ich vermute mal das ist das einzige was mir wirklich helfen würde!
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