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New book to be released on Friday, quick teaser
Just a quick note to pre-announce my first incursion into literature (no, this isn’t a comic book :-) ). It will be released this Friday, only as an ebook (on platforms by Amazon/Kindle, Apple, Google, etc.), both in French (original version) and in English: I’m extremely lucky that Adriana Hunter (who has translated many very well known contemporary French authors) read my prose and accepted to translate it. It will be sold for about 3 dollars depending on platforms and countries. See you this Friday! :-)
Livre à paraître vendredi, petit teaser
Un court message de pré-annonce pour ma première incursion dans la littérature (non, ce n’est pas une BD :-) ). À paraître ce vendredi sous forme électronique uniquement (chez Amazon/Kindle, Apple, Google, etc.), simultanément en français (version originale) et en anglais: j’ai l’honneur et le plaisir qu’Adriana Hunter m’ait lu et ait accepté de me traduire (elle a traduit des auteurs comme Amélie Nothomb, Shan Sa, Frédéric Beigbeder...). L’équivalent de 2 à 3 euros selon les plate-formes et les pays. À vendredi ! :-)
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+Benoît FELTEN Une sorte de récit, relativement court (en gros ça se lit en 1 heure ou 1 heure et demie). Plus de détails vendredi :)
I'll be buying it in both languages!
+Melina M That's sweet :-) Actually I considered making just one book with both languages inside, but there was the problem of the cover, and I think it would have been confusing to most people :)
I actually prefer having two separate copies in different languages on different ebook platforms so I can easily switch between the two. I really need to practice my French! And if it's just a few dollars, I have no problem paying for it twice and showing you my support. :)
I would love to buy & read it. I really like all your works. Too bad I'm not 18 yet so can't get a credit card and none of Amazon, Google Play and iBooks are available in India :(
+Swapnil Chitnis Thanks for your kind words :) Isn't Amazon in India? Anyway, the eBooks won't be DRM-protected so if you find someone with a credit card willing to buy it for you then send you the file, I'm sure this could work :)
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