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The speaker at the top registers as a mouth due to proximity to the eyes.
Yep, the earpiece of the phone... so it looks like this  >:-|   and then at bottom there is this open mouth :-|) , so it looks like it has two.
For me its "find me better coverage, now bitch!"
Sorry for the late comment but this made me smile : )
that's what i think my phone will tell me someday
+Manu Cornet I would love to use this in a presentation I am giving at an upcoming conference, and would, of course, reference you and link to this post. Do I have your permission? Thank you!
+Manu Cornet thank you SO much - greatly appreciated! Love how easy it is on G+ to connect with content originators, such as yourself and interact so easily and freely - 
apple and microsoft products, why I use linux so I don't have to put up with their bullshit..
Woah,That's amazing!howd you come up with this!
its truth about apple and there shitty over priced products and os..
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