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So... what you are saying is, pirates are angels?
+Anil Das More like they're much more free to fly around in this world of clouds... Angels would have a halo and be half-naked, wouldn't they? :)
There should be a Google Drive logo-shaped bird feeder on top of the Google cage for the pirates to perch on. EDIT: although that doesn't work for books. Although that doesn't offer a solution to the woman in the Google cage as far as Google books are concerned. Which is why she can't reach it. Huhmm.... I think I'm overthinking it.
I find the lack of vulture lawyers disturbing. They're hiding behind clouds, right?
I think you can download the music you buy in google play music and even upload the music you 'already paid for' 
You can download via the web interface up to N 2 times, or via the music manager thingy, unlimited amount of times.
Actually, the first version of this drawing had "eBook" instead of "album", maybe I should have kept that :)
+Jakub Turski 2 times yes. 7digital, my music download store (since Google Play only has Android apps in Belgium for now) allows you to download each track/album up to 3 times. I download it to a local folder and upload it directly to Google Play Music. :)
ricos T
Super belle représentation des moutons que nous sommes. 
islands in the clouds
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