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Here is a promotional video made for Nocturnalight Productions to specifically promote one of their albums, which is available for free for download on their site.
(This video doesn't have any audio)

Link to download all their albums:

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Here is an Intro logo opener made for Nocturnalight Productions that is used at the beginning and at the end of all their official music videos.

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You afraid of the dark? Seen something spooky? Do you get frightened easily?

Then you shouldn’t plan to attend the “Relatos Extraordinarios” event held in Mexico at Lunario (a grand entertainment centre)

We were hired to design a stunning Poster for the event and the theme was based on Edgar Allan Poe.

“The name Poe brings to mind images of murderers and madmen, premature burials, and mysterious women who return from the dead. His works have been in print since 1827.”

So to have an event with Mr. Poe as the centre of the theme, you can surely imagine what they would have had in store for the audience!

The design of course had to be perfectly balanced, using all the right amount of gothic elements, death, decay and an overall devilish look, and surely we were very very close if not right on the mark.

For such an event to be held at Lunario and for them to accept our work, is nothing more than a great privilege.
Relatos Extraordinarios
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Ah yes, Haifa an international super star whose singing talent has no bounds.

We were approached by an app development firm from Lebanon that was in charge of its backend and they wanted us to design the front end. So we did up a couple of designs for them.

Overall it was a fun project to work on, especially because the project was on an international level and also because it was for a super star singer!

Haifa Wehbe
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Ephraim is one great photographer, with a proven track record, and high ambitions he is going places.

Hence he approached us to provide him an image like no other, his website was designed specifically to maximize the use of each sq inch of the screen, the colors and layout have all been set to enhance his photography.

We were also  asked to design a logo that is basically represents himself on a plate, we were inspired by his work, his story, and his past, so putting it together get came up not only with a stunning logo, but an actual emblem just for himself. It has got the traditional British elements in it and a touch or royalty.

We had set high values for this project and had exceeded each one without even realizing it, and it all paid off in the end, by just looking at his face, Ephraim was literally blown away!

Visit the website here:
Ephraim Divine Media
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A local, Eco-friendly courier business established in Halifax by a young entrepreneur, who runs the delivery company using bicycles.

Halifast approached us to design them an image to attract customers to advertise with them on the banners that are attached to the bicycles as they drive along the city.

The eco-friendly design created is simple, clean, and certainly catches the eye.
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Heather is an Animal Body Worker that specializes in equine therapy.

She approached us to get a logo designed and a couple of business cards. It was fun getting to know more about her occupation and how we could tie in those elements into the design.

Overall we believe it turned out really well, especially because she was super happy to see her new image.
Heather Guerin
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