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Mansfield Fine Furniture
Custom, hand-made wood furniture for a lifetime, and beyond...
Custom, hand-made wood furniture for a lifetime, and beyond...

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Art Deco Scotch Cabinet

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Kitchen is done, and now taking commissions and repair work. I'm also trying to put up a special customer offer for the summer on Facebook, but I need to reach 100+ likes on the business FB page before I can create it, help out if you're a FB user!  Here is the link:

(Yes, I realize the irony of posting that in G+)
Photos of the kitchen, almost complete, just need to add some small drawers and (possibly) glass doors above the bar.   Lots of photos with different room lighting configurations from many angles. Shooting this work underscores the need for a wide angle lens, rather than a smartphone.

This project took about 5 months including reframing, replacing structure, basically gutting to finish. Still some trimwork to complete, but that can wait. Finished this kitchen in about March, and have moved on to other projects before I'll come back to finish some of the final details.
Kitchen - Almost done
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I've setup a verified Google Local page for Mansfield Fine Furniture. For some perplexing google reason, one cannot link back to an existing business' g+ presence, so I'm sharing the link for those who wish to add the business' 'LOCAL' page to circles. Thanks for sharing for anyone interested in following or reviewing the company!

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We've never formally offered furniture repair as a service to our clients, but have done it nonetheless.

We're happy to announce that we're officially launching furniture repair as a formal service to our customers. Please let us know how we can help you, and if there are other related services you think we should provide.

If you are thinking about that perfect piece of custom furniture...we continue to provide that too!

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Good Stuff from MWA's Tampa area Hurricane Center. (AKA the shop monkey)

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MWA Podcast Episode #5 - About Woodworking Blogs and Blogging.
Don't forget to send us your questions, comments and suggestions!

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A quick look at what's going on in the shop, and how I'm using wood character

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A little geometry...and debunking of a myth.
Ok, I was just listening to FWW's Shop Talk Live episode #2. They were discussing shooting boards and the issue of a ramped shooting board came up. They discussed the "slicing action" that the ramp creates. By a show of hands, how many people think that a ramped shooting board creates a "slicing action" on the work?

This is not the first time that I've heard knowledgable woodworkers mention this.
There is, in fact, no slicing action at all from a ramped shooting board. This is a very common misconception that is perpetuated by the manufacturers of this style of shooting board.
In order to have any "slicing" action with a blade (any blade) you must have and angular difference between the cutting edge of the blade and the direction of motion of the blade (angle of attack). The orientation of the work is irrelevant. When skewing a handplane to create a slicing cut you are changing the angle of attack of the blade to the motion of the plane, regardless of which direction you are planing the work. With a ramped shooting board you are changing the path of the blade across the wood (the ramp), but the angle of attack of the blade remains perpendicular to the motion of the plane. Hence, there is no "slicing" action.

There may be other benefits to a ramped shooting board, although I would argue that a ramp down is better than a ramp up, but "slicing action" isn't one of them.

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A quick post on our visit to CraftBoston and some of the furniture on exhibit.

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A new post for those who might be interested in seeing/hearing more about the hewing hatchet. Enjoy!
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