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Na hath thaam sake,na pakad sake daman,bade karib se uthkr chala gya koi.

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I played #breakout on Google Image Search! I made it to level 2 in Image Breakout! Can you beat my score of 900?

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WTF IEEE!! Storing passwords in plaintext, in logs?!!

Question: Who in the IEEE top brass will step up and tell us how this happened and who is going to be fired for this?

tagging +Bhaskar Krishnamachari +Dheeraj Sanghi and +Anil Kumar Tripathi ; please raise this with IEEE leadership if you can.

Fellow IEEE members, please spread the word about this, and also see if you can make the IEEE top brass respond. As of this post, there is nothing on about this.

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bhn..... din hi kharab hai aaj

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Even though we don’t see each other that often, Those moments when I’m with you .. I never want them to end.

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Help me with a social coding experiment please: gdocs-peertracker

(see the skil-specific list below for how you can help; please do :) )

Hi all,
A year ago, I had an idea of an extension on Google Docs that can allow a collaborator to set his window to auto-scroll to keep up with the position of a peer who is editing a shared document. Today, I need your help to complete that job.

Link to idea:
Link to open-source code:
Link to sample doc for testing (with instructions on how to install the extension):

How you can help

1. everyone : please share this post on your G+ profile to spread the word, the more people see it, the better

2. everyone : if you like the idea, please +1 this post, so people can know that this idea has merit :)

3. JQuery/Javascript/Chrome Extensions : The script file gdocs-peertracker-script.js does not seem to be working (my script loads too soon, before the peer list is visible). Please suggest a fix. I am very new to Chrome extension development :). Please post your patches as comments on this thread. (Update: I added a checkbox on the top of the page to allow the user to "start" the extension; and as of right now, it actually activates the peerTracker, which only adds a red border to all peer names).

4. HTML/CSS/Javascript: Turns out (thanks to Mathew Call), that when you click on the little square next to the name of a collaborator in GDocs right-hand-side chat box, the page does jump to the current position of that collaborator. Can you please debug a GDocs page and help figure out how exactly how it is being done? The HTML says that all the peer names are under a "ul" with id "docs-chat-users". (Update: The cursor itself is like "<div class="kix-cursor docstext-unprintable" style="left: 707px; top: 1468px; "> ", with positioning done using CSS; not sure how it is being identified.)

5. project managers: Any tips on how to improve/better organize this post are welcome. Thanks to the "edit post" abilities of G+, I will be able to incorporate your suggestions :).

Thanks in advance. Remember, items 1 and 2 can be done by everyone :).

new imagebox in g+..........m luving it!!
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