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{Geek Dad} I just did this little electronic toy for my daughters. They worked with me and their Mom in the project and now they believe they did their first robot. Inside of it we have an Adafruit Trinket with an small speaker, batteries and some special code (based on lots of other cool projects). 
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Ahh, and the eyes are mode of Neopixels!
Your daughters will remember this fondly all there life.  Good Job!
+Manoel Lemos I am writing a #Trinket  book and I would like to put a picture of your project and a link in the book perhaps.  Would this be ok?
Sure, I can send you a high-res one if you need. I'll also make a post about the project with source code and circuit. If you could link it I'll be very happy. But only if you can.
Yes a picture and a link to your post would be possible in my book. 
The book is now out with a beautiful picture of your project and link to your information
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