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The presentation +Chris Broadfoot and I gave today at Strata on vector data mapping. The demos aren't available for public release yet so we replaced them with screenshots.
Strata 2012. Beyond the Basemap. Early Maps. Tile Server Architetures. Along comes HTML5. Canvas+WebGL; Websockets; File and Graphics card access; Webworkers; Offline storage. Canvas: Earthquake Heat ...
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Enjoyed your talk. Would love to see your notes / slides. The link above displays one page only.

UNC Chapel Hill
Nice. Where did the data for the taxi maps come from?
Hi +Richard Marciano. If you view it in a modern browser, it's actually a slideshow built in HTML5. Just hit the arrow keys to navigate left or right.
+Chris Broadfoot That looks cool. We are building similar datasets for Sydney with goCatch :P
Sounds good. You should come by Fishburners. There are a few maps based Startups here who would probably be interested in a chat. We are just up the road ;)
+Mano Marks : great presentation on HeatMap.js. I have already started using it. I was wondering if there is a way to show additional information (like metadata) attached to each heat map. Say, I would like to show the counts, name of a place etc with each heat map. I know this will be cluttered but some information on the heatMap will really make it more useful :)
+Kapil Dalwani it doesn't have that functionality built in yet but I am sure he would be happy for any additions you want to make
+Patrick Wied Hey, do you also have the other tool ready, the one you showed for movement of uber cabs?
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