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Mano Marks hung out with 3 people.Mano Marks, Dan Fabulich, and Tony Miller
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Mano Marks was in a video call with 3 others
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I don't see a way to join the hangout. Do you have to invite people? Is it full?
Good questions, +Tony Miller. We are also looking to utilize streetview on our campus map site. I believe it took about a year before the "google-tryke" imagery was available.
Sorry, didn't see your comment. I'll try that (or just use my normal Windows workstation) next time. And also thanks for the time lag in Trike imagery. I didn't know it took that long.
Any plans on streaming these hangouts to Youtube ?
Damn I missed this! Can I request to be added to the next one please?
This one was kind of a test, so unfortunately we won't be posting the video to YouTube, but the next one should be.
+Ian Culshaw If you want to be invited to the next one, please follow the Google Maps API Plus Page, we will be hopefully running it off there instead.
Thanks, will this be a regular event or every so often?
we are moving toward every week
BTW, +Dan Fabulich , check out the +Google Maps page and there's a survey about improving Street View. You may want to weigh in on that, if you haven't already.
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