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Geek / Nerd / Adventure Racer

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The Little Big Econ Adventure Run (05.07.2016)
This past weekend my brother-in-law David and I (Nature Calls) raced the FLX 4-hour adventure run at Little Big Econ State Park. The race had us looking for as many of the 35 total controls as we could find. There were 22 controls located north of the Econ ...

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The Earth Day AR (2016)
The Earth Day AR (2016) The 2016 Earth Day AR toook place in and all around the Santa Fe river area, just north of Gainesville. Foot 1 (5:58PM-7:04PM; ~8.57km, 5.33 miles) We started with a run around River Rise State Preserve, picking up seven CPs along th...

So Google just announced that they are getting rid of Picasa, but they still haven't given us a simple way to upload folders of photos to +Google Photos as albums. This really, really sucks. I am way dissapointed in Google right now.

When the hell is +Google Photos going to allow uploading folders on my computer as Albums on Google Photos? Why isn't this already available. It is still the only thing preventing me from using Google Photos. Come on Google! And yes, I know I can use Picasa, but that seems ridiculous.

Can someone please help me before I throw my computer out the window!

I am logged into my account. I go to the side menu and click on 'Pages'. There I see my page listed. I click on 'Manage Page'.

The very top of the page tells me I have to verify my business before I can make any edits. I click on 'Verify now'.

On the next page I click on my business name from the list. Then I am told that someone else has verified this listing. What the hell does that mean?! Who? I am the owner of the page! What the hell is happening here.

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This is pretty damn crazy. Dirt bike surfing...

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Love this...

I truly hate that @Google is forcing me to switch to Apple's iCloud Photos. 

It really, really sucks.

I love Picasa. It's been my go to photo solution for many years. My entire 175GB+ photo library is on there right now. But all these awful changes to +Google Photos leave me no option. I will probably be deleting my entire library from Google and moving it to iCloud.

Hopefully they'll get their shit together and I will be able to switch back.

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I am seriously looking forward to this...
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