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A very interesting read on why not only Apple, but other companies have off-shored their manufacturing to China. In The China Question, the documentary covered the fact that Chinese students are groomed from a young age to enter the manufacturing sector, as engineers. If the American work force had to be great at something, what should that be?

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So is this #whitespace intentionally left blank? #GLAT joke ;-).

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Gentlemen: These are the rules.
Being a Gentleman
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Have your experiences with circles been the same? I'm finding that sharing content covers much more than topic or genre-specific circles can express.
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The Perfect Metaphor For Circles Is The Watercooler — And How Many Watercoolers Do You Need?

Executive summary: Use just three circles to set up your personal watercooler since circles don't work for topics, or most anything else regarding your incoming stream.

Why? Nobody is posting about one topic all the time. Nobody.

When I started here on Google+, I created several circles, at first, as suggested by labeling groups of people. An artists circle, where I expected to see a stream of art, which came true, for the first week or so. Then people began to realize that they can post everything else as well, and they did, as did the folks from my Bloggers circle, the Politics circle, and the Scientists, and the Designers, and the Athletes. Everybody just posted everything, because that's what such a system is for, it's the watercooler, which is a great thing because you meet very interesting and diverse people at a watercooler the size of the world.

But specific circles? Not so. Later, I resorted to gather people who actually know eachother in circles sorted by projects or organizations or initiatives. Again, great people and great to share because what's more exciting than seeing yourself and your peers in a big, publicly shared circle? As for visiting such a circle, well, incestuous perpetual resharing ad infinitum is a collateral you can't prevent.

Still, no incoming usefulness. Sharing the circles to bring people together, yes.

Next iteration? Shared circles of "interactive" people who actually use Google+ and are interested and in fact do comment and converse on interesting topics. Boom!

Question: How many circles do you need for "interactive" people? Answer: One.

Here is my setup: I have a couple dozen of legacy circles which label people according to the criteria specified above — which I never visit or use otherwise but which add meta-information, so I can't delete them for now.

Other than that, I use three circles —
#1 with a maximum of 50 people which I find interesting enough to read every post of,
#2 with a maximum of 500 people which I visit regularily but not continuously,
#3 all the rest, ≤5000 minus 550, active people in a lightning-fast stream of consciousness speed-glancing over.

That's it. Now, how do you get into my #1 circle? I'm commenting more than I'm posting, and chances are, if I come across someone interesting, with intelligence, knowledge, and opinions, I'll follow and add them to my #1 circle — as long as I'm interested. (Try to game that!)

As for topics, they are fluid, even as a "power-user," I don't use #hashtags consistently; instead, and on top of my own extensive reading, I rely on people to alert me on topics I might be interested in — just as in real life.

And pages? My own experience shows that the conversation happens with people, and posts are easily shared to be discussed from an angle and with an initial commentary. So for me, pages are another indirect source, but almost never a destination.

Note for #UI / #UX pros: Even Boolean logic wouldn't solve the various issues outlined here.

+Brian Titus (on shared circles, good comments)
+Alex Reusch (on shared circles and topics)
+Max Huijgen (on seeing all of your followers)

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An awesome clip of a space shuttle launch, and re-entry of a booster component.

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DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots

Does anyone remember AMEE from Red Planet? We're getting there...

RED PLANET / Planète rouge - AMEE (French version)

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Google+ needs a +∞ button!

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Need cloud storage on Android? Box is running a deal where if you sign up before March 23rd, you get 50GB of FREE storage for life!
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