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Sometimes you have to look for the signs. The countdown still points to October 21.

Edit: To make my statement clear I believe that the date will be announced on the 21st. Google usually confirms the date of their events in advance. The event itself will more likely be later in the month with the official launch date in November.
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So you're trying to tell us that because it looks like 21 appears when you right the KitKat teaser backwards that it'll launch on October 21st? It's a little car fetched if you ask me, but it is a week earlier than other rumoured dates and the sooner the better! 
+Ross Pendleton Well it also fits with the countdown theory that started with the 007 post seven days before the 21st.

Of course usually they announce the event a week or so ahead of time and last year the date was announced on the 18th and the Nexus 4 was announced on the 29th.

My guess is we get a release date on the 21st and the event is the 28th.
Release date on the 21st and the event to tell us about it isn't until the 28th! How does that work?!?
+Bryan Sinclair Pretty simple. On the 21st they give us the release date, and the release date is the 28th.
Well when you put it like that it sounds better +Manny Brum lol

Sorry, I'm a bit slow on the up take today :o)
When you put it that way... KitKat PARTY!!! :-)
+Alijah Simon LOL I still think the event will be on the 28 but when will they announce it? Last year it was on the 29th but it was announced on the 18th.

+Remo Gutierrez If they do have the event on the 28th, when do you think they'll announce the event?
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