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Honestly, if the warlord Obama won the Peace Prize, it is clear that there are no standards. However, you could equally argue that the Peace Prize is for a particular effort for peace or humanitarian progress. Thus, her bigotry towards homosexuals does not take away from her campaign for women's rights. That's just one way of looking at it.
It certainly speaks to her characters. And to that of Tony Blair, too.
+Satchit Bhogle Don't forget that she is also against lesbianism. Doesn't that amount to opposing woman rights too?
Well, ideally, there would be few "women's rights"; only human rights. Still, far be it for me to defend this woman and her stand, but perhaps it can be said that we applaud her goodness independently because no one is perfect.
By the same token, we'd have to applaud, say, Hezbollah for running hospitals and providing social services. No. Evil people can do good things, that does not absolve them of moral responsibility, does not mean you can go easy on them.
Goodness is goodness from wherever it comes. Yes, we should applaud Hezbollah for running hospitals but condemn them for atrocities. The two are not done in the same breath.
I don't think it's 'good' to provide hospitals to some, or to fight for the rights of some. It's the essence of fascism, and raising the living standard of the privileged few is not "the nice part" of it, the whole thing is evil.

I completely accept your premise, in principle, but I think you didn't notice that, in fact, not much good is being done here, and for all the wrong reasons too.
I know it is mostly human rights, but in this case she was denying woman their rights.

I would disagree with you. I will applaud someone's goodness only when someone has shortcomings and that person realizes their shortcomings and working to remove it. This woman is actively working in her full consciousness to suppress rights of hoosexuals
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