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Condo for Rent Bangkok by Mango Condo

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Brand new 2 bed condo very close to the MRT at Rama 9.
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This is another one of those days when I find myself asking, how did that happen?
Seriously it took more than one person to cock this up!
An architect, someone actually made CAD drawings, someone installed it and then someone QC passed it!
Amazing Thailand!
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2 Bedroom condo for rent at TC Green Rama 9.
Close to MRT Rama 9 / Pharam 9 and Central Plaza Rama 9
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So following on from my last post about poor, bad and simply dangerous design in Bangkok condos I thought it would be a good idea to run a small series of these cock-up's.

The pic below is from a brand new condo building in Bkk, there is a nice European style kitchen with space for a refrigerator of up to 800mm wide.
Problem is that even with a standard 600mm refrigerator the door can't be opened because they designed the kitchen too small!

One could argue that this was a construction fault but this condo was of the modular pre-formed concrete type of construction and should 'bolt' together perfectly so it looks like this is another design boo-boo!

Condo owners this bad design will not change until you put your foot down and reject this level of workmanship!
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One of the things that I find really irritating is bad design.
Living in Bangkok and working in real estate I see poor design that leaves me speechless.

With space at a premium as condo sizes appear to shrink with each new development, designers should be getting smart, using space in a functional way, optimizing every available inch.
Unfortunately that concept appears to be alien to Bangkok condo developers and designers.

Surely the most functional room in any living space should be the kitchen. The 'working triangle' that father, son and holy ghost of kitchen design that states; refrigerator, cooking hob and sink should be close enough that one can move from one to the other either remaining in the same space and turning or within one step.
Time honored, efficient, flawless but not currently available in Bangkok!

Enter the extended kitchen. This is a kitchen found more and more in new developments that is so poorly designed that either (a) a refrigerator wont fit into it or (b) they actually designed the kitchen without a space for the refrigerator!

Now we have the refrigerator in the lounge, in the entrance hall, in the bedroom, on the balcony?!?!?! 

For a designer to think 'yea, that will work, they can leave the kitchen, cross the lounge, open a door and go to the balcony to retrieve some milk for a coffee and then return via the same route: balcony-lounge-kitchen to continue' simply beggars belief.

Part of this culture must be down to the Thai trait of accepting things even when they are not correct, made poorly, dangerously done.
I could not imagine someone in the UK, America or Europe going to purchase a property and being OK with the fact that one needed public transport to get milk for one's coffee!

Even  more worrying is that one of the transgressors is a brand new high end condominium in Bangkok which sits atop a shinny mall. Names will not be disclosed to protect the stupid but design at this condo has left a large number of units with nowhere within the kitchen to position the refrigerator!
Expected in a cheapie budget apartment but these condos fetch 25,000 to 80,000 baht per month in rental.
a condo in this price range should not have such fundamental design flaws.

This may be a cultural thing as we find that Thai customers don't really question the refrigerator sharing floor space with the wide screen TV.
Westerners however frequently walk away from rentals and purchases because of this idiosyncrasy.

If only there were a few designers in Bangkok who could visualize the use of space in the way these guys have done in the video below. Condos with limited floor space would not be tiny and claustrophobic but cool and quirky.
Designers and condo developers in Bangkok, come on,  get smart and make use of that space!
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How To (not) Get Your Deposit Back When Renting in Bangkok

Another day yet another cry from help from someone who can't get their deposit back from an unscrupulous owner.
Question are always the same, "did you use an agency?"
"Did you get a contract in English?"
Answer will be "No" or "yes, one page."

Really people let's get smart, there are some basic common  sense rules to follow when you are renting property.

#1. USE A REAL COMPANY not a fly by night freelancer.
What do you think will happen when there is an issue to a freelancer with no office, no registration of any kind and a mobile phone as your only point of contact?
They will disappear!
In your own country would you conduct a property deal through the local waitress or promotional girl? Thought not so why do it in a country where there are no tangible rights for renters outside of a contract.

#2. Contract in English!
In addition if the contract is in English is it comprehensive and lays out the obligations of each side? Double space on an A4 sheet simply won't cut it!
It takes a special kind of stupid to do this, don't be that person.

There is good reason to use an agent, they can intervene if there is an issue and sort it out but primarily they are professionals in the field and know how to avoid such things by having an airtight contract for both sides.
Renting directly from a condominium or an owner is a fools errand that will end in another email to us asking for advice on how to get your deposit back when it is too late.

Fancy your chances of retrieving your deposit from this dragon lady?
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New office, more central location and convenient to expressways and MRT.
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