Gender: Female
Height: 4.5
Weight: underweight 90 lbs
Eyes:Light blue look dark blue at night
 Skills: weaponry , craftsmanship ,  Map drawing , creativity , 
 Weapon(s): Gun , Sword , Hidden Blade.... Some sharp armor 
  Country of origin: Brumita triangle 
Current citizenship:
Job/Occupation: Craftsmanship for weaponry 
 Personality: Nice , caring , Loyal , Skilled , Protective of crew members
Time period: ? Recent?
Bio: I am the only one who knows the way out and in the Brumita Triangle. My parents left me when i was 13 and only gave me a sword and Armor they took my brother and sister with them.Hope to get some crew mates!!!!!!!!!!
         Ship. S.S Challenger 

Greeting-AYE SCALAWAG Bows If i may be of assistance i am looking for a crew to join me. Aye ... Ill be waiting in my ship. Its at thy docks
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