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>>>>>>>>>>  The SacredSunday Thank You Circle     
>>>>>>>>>>       September 9, 2012

Thank you everyone who posted to +SacredSunday™!!  You've shared with us what is sacred to you and we appreciate your participation very much!  The curators +Robyn Morrison, +Chatchai Rombix , +Justin Hill, +Steve Barge, +Carolyn St.Charles, +Sherrie von Sternberg, and +Manfred Berndtgen  would like to thank each of you for your wonderful contributions, be it photos, poems, songs, texts, or support. SacredSunday is like a big travel around the physical and spiritual world, and it's bringing people together.

Our Thank You circle includes those who contributed to the theme.  We appreciate the great feedback that you gave us on what you wanted and we have listened!! Experience says that we missed some. If we missed you, don't worry; mention at least one of us and participate again next Sunday. There's a new circle every Sunday.

On behalf of the whole team:
• Firstly, we would like to thank everyone. 
• A special welcome to the newcomers!
• We realize that naming all of the curators can get to be a bit much so we ask you to name at least one of us and the page. Certainly, we all like to receive the notice so we hope you'll mention us all but we'll understand if you don't.

Note: we want to be up front. Many of the people in this circle received a "notification" that we added them to our circles. This is a temporary circle and we can't keep everyone in the long term. We will keep people that have circled us as long as we can but, we may need to drop some of the people that added us.

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Thanks heaps, +Michael Sonntag, +Krzysztof Felczak, and +Karsten Meyer! Folks like you make this thing work. Very sorry, +Gary Harris, Charles does no longer curate. Mention me next time, I'm getting an e-mail and will visit you! +Margaret Tompkins, I have to thank you! Thank you to, +Simona AN, +Aidan Kalloo, +Richard Kralicek, +Annette Junge Daugaard, +Giselle Savoie, and +Robert SKREINER! +Philippe Cornu-Marquis, we're building up this circle every week from scratch. It's always brand-new.
:)   so happy to be in this circle and thank you too! 
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