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#SacredSunday says Thank You

◊◊◊ We would like to encourage all contributors to practice the "Golden Rule" - we all love pluses and comments; please plus and comment on the images of others. ◊◊◊

───           Sacred Sunday               ───
───      "Thank you" circle for 25 March      ───

• Firstly, we wold like to thank everyone.
• Some folks seem to have caught spring fever week. :-))
• There were over 130 images this week

+Bill Wood will be leaving the team. We are sad to see him leave but we understand his reasons. We wish him all the best and want to thank him for all the hard work he put it to the theme and the wonderful images he contributed.

• We realize that naming all of the curators can get to be a bit much so we ask you to name at least one of us and the page. Certainly, we all like to receive the notice so we hope you'll mention us all but we'll understand if you don't.

Hopefully the circle includes everyone that contributed to Sacred Sunday this week, but experience says we missed some. Everyone is important to the success of the theme and we apologize if we missed you.

+Charles Lupica, +Manfred Berndtgen, +Robyn Morrison, +Margaret Tompkins and +SacredSunday would like to thank you for joining us this week. See you next week.

*If we missed you we're sorry. *

Note: we want to be up front. Many of the people in this circle received a "notification" that we added them to our circles. This is a temporary circle and we can't keep everyone in the long term. We will keep people that have circled us as long as we can but, we may need to drop some of the people that added us.

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Many thanks, folks! +Sangeeth VS, that's pretty simple: just contribute with some comments on other's work, or better, show us a picture of anything you're holding sacred. This is a temporary circle, every Sunday there will be a new one.
+Manfred Berndtgen Thank you very much for including myself and many others that I have got to know since G+ began.
Awesome work and a big thank you to all curators and contributors.
SacredSunday is such a cool theme! Every week we all get to see some of the wonderful churches and temples from across the world. Thank you for including me.
This has always been one of my favorite themes! It brings out the very best in us and I like that! Thanks very much for all the great contributors, commentators, and curators!
Well said Margaret. I couldn't agree more - I'm finding this a lovely theme to curate. I also love your thought provoking observations Manfred!
Thank you for letting me in that circle. I am Very pleased and honored.
Thanks for the tip, +Manfred Berndtgen! I usually comment on many people in this circle. I have also submitted to the Sacred Sunday theme several times.
Thanks to all the curators, for the guidance and the tips, thanks for including me in the circle, have a nice day
Always do my best to keep up with the themes I contribute to

Thanks for including me in the circle you have
I remember your great photos, +Sangeeth VS, please continue! :-) Thank you all, folks, next circle is coming soon!
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