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Aussie is known as the ‘can-do’ company and for over 15 years we’ve built this reputation by providing a high level of customer service. The ‘can-do’ is not just about how we perform our work, it’s our ethos and how we engage with our customers. Every job starts with the Aussie ‘can–do’attitude – we start as we mean to go on

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We all have those moments when looking around our house or apartment when we think – this place lacks something. Maybe you’ve gone off the colour of the living room walls or you’ve been thinking about something more drastic, like a remodel of an entire room. No matter how you came to this decision it’s time to get started with your home improvements.

Now you’ve decided to renovate or make improvements to your home it’s essential to plan ahead. Living in London is all about getting value for money out of any investments you make – this is a good way to think when you begin to plan your new project and you should also be excited! This is a chance to get the most out of your home and maybe you can really turn it into something special.

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Tips for Saving Money Part One – Trim Household Costs

Getting value for money is an essential way to ensure that you don’t find yourself in financial difficulties but it’s also the best way to have readily available funds for things like saving a deposit for your first home or apartment, trading in your car and upgrading, or booking that dream holiday. The more money you save the easier it is to navigate life no matter what it throws at you, and if you’re on top of your finances and/or savings, you have more time to dedicate to more useful things and you’ll feel less stressed. So it’s time to trim your household costs and Aussie is here to help.

Making a monthly budget is one of the easiest ways to make sure you can control your outgoings and the best way to begin is to get copies of your bank statements and try and keep records of other expenses. If you use Excel you can make a fairly basic spreadsheet that you can set up so that it automatically calculates when you update it, but it’s not essential, a Word document will suffice. The main aim here is to map everything out so you can identify areas where you can make savings. This doesn’t mean you have to stop doing anything that’s fun – it means being objective about how you spend money on certain things.

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How To Cope Without Inbuilt Storage

Storage isn't always the first thing we look for when we're eyeing up new places to rent. It's easy to overlook when other things seem so much more important - the rent, the condition and size of the rooms, the decor. Similarly, when we're buying, it's not always storage that we think of. If you've just moved to a house or flat will little-to-no inbuilt storage, you could find yourself scratching your head, desperately trying to work out where on earth you're going to put all your things. It's true that today we have the option of keeping books, music and entertainment digitally and dispensing with physical media, but that doesn't suit everyone. And there's no way of doing this with clothes or kitchenware. If you're all out of space, then Aussie Storage has a variety of appealing options, as efficient as they are affordable. But read on to get some tips for storage solutions that can save the day if you don't have inbuilt options.

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Moving is never quite as simple as just packing for a weekend away and we’ve already explored the thorny issue of those hard-to-pack items in a previous post, detailing the ways that plants, pets, musical instruments and gym equipment can pose problems in need of good solutions. Unfortunately, there’s more, because those items are far from being the only ones that can prove tricky. So let’s look at some other goods that can be challenging when the time comes to pack up for pastures new.

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Involving Your Team In A London Office Move

If your business is getting itself ready to hop, skip and jump to shiny new premises, then there's probably a greater number of people to think about than when you move house. Whether you're a small business or medium-sized, you'll have a team of individuals whose lives are going to be as affected by the change as yours is. It always works better if, instead of letting them be dragged along passively with you, you involve them in the move, take their voices into account and let them feel part of the process. If there aren't obvious ways of achieving this occurring to you immediately, then here are some of our ideas for pulling it off. After all, it's almost certainly going to be a smoother transition with everyone on the same page.

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Some aspects of moving really are a breeze. Most of us are, for example, old hands when it comes to readying our clothes for the big day. It’s straightforward and we’ve done it countless times in the past. But from a psychological stand-point, it’s worth confronting the difficult challenges first, rather than hiding from them in the hope that they go away (they won’t). Facing up to them head-on will empower us and make moving feel easier. So here’s the first part of our run-down of the most difficult belongings to get on the road and into your new home.

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Moving To A Houseboat in London - Part 1

It's not the life for everyone, and it comes with some hardships that might deter some of us, but moving to a houseboat in London also has some distinct advantages. There's the chance to slash your outgoings by more than half, see the city a different way, enjoy summer evenings on the water, and move about instead of being fixed to a set of bricks and mortar. It also enables people to do some of their living in handily central areas like Camden, Maida Vale, Little Venice and Angel and have vastly diminished utility bills. If you're prepared to do what's known as cc-ing (continuous cruising), you can taste life in a variety of Zone 1 locations provided you're prepared to move every fortnight.

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Stress & Memory

At Aussie, we pride ourselves on making moving as free of stress as possible, although sometimes it's hard when faced with the swathes of articles that describe moving house as a slog and an intolerable ordeal. Recently, though, researchers at the University of New Hampshire in the USA made some discoveries that cast a new light on the process. In the past, research into the effects of moving house always focussed on the downsides - the anxiety, the loneliness of being in a new environment, the loss of friendships, the negative impact on children's wellbeing. And if you focus on the downsides of something, then you'll always find evidence to back them up. What might that research have discovered had it focussed instead on the fun of making new friendships, exploring new areas, helping your children have new adventures and so on?

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The Aussie team knows from experience that there’s no such thing as a typical home or office removals job. We’ve been in the removals game for over fifteen years, and in that time, we’ve done thousands of removals, relocations, and storage jobs. And on those jobs we’ve moved some unique items and some difficult removals jobs.

London has gone through a huge number of changes over the years, and one way of noticing that is its architecture. Every part of London has its own history that can be seen through its buildings and infrastructure, and understanding how this plays into our role as a removals company is essential. We not only have to understand and take a detailed inventory of the items we’re moving, we need to take into account the building type, its immediate surrounding area and roads, and what the typical traffic situations are for that area.
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