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Op zaterdag 27 juni 2015 staat Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam in het teken van gelijkheid. Gelijkheid tussen vrouw, man, trans, LHBT en alles daartussenin. Gelijkheid lijkt vanzelfsprekend, maar hoe gelijk zijn we nu helemaal?

Kom naar het Gelijk=Anders Festival en zoek met activisten, artiesten en politici naar een wereld waarin het niet uitmaakt wie je bent of liefhebt.

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In India, mental health is one of the most neglected sectors within the health system, receiving only 1% of the national health budget. Many of the women who are in the mental health system are abandoned by their families and stripped of their self-determination and basic human rights.

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There is currently a great deal of interest for sexual violence in conflict zones. This is a positive development but there’s something about all this attention that doesn’t quite sit right. As if sexual violence in a time of war is more deserving of condemnation than at other times. Unfortunately, it occurs all the time and is omnipresent, as well as being ingrained in the very capillaries of societies. You don’t just fight sexual violence by taking care of victims, but by tackling legal systems and social norms that tolerate this violence.
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