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LG's New Wearable: Concept from what could be gathered from the video ( #lgsmartwatch #androidwear #android #concept  
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nice work, noticed the moto360 diss.
It does not look impressive as Moto 360
Brad ZA
Can't wait for this!
+Rachid Otsmane-Elhaou Haven't seen the Moto 360 yet as well. The outlook of this watch does not have the appeal as the Moto 360. Not that I am promoting Motorola or anything but it doesn't quite have the hype.
You haven't seen this watch yet! You've only seen a small insignificant render from the promo, give it a chance :p
Dear god I want a Stargate boot screen for this. O.O
I like it, an actual circular face. Definitely taking this over the 360, plus it will match my LG Nexus devices
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