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VLC for Android Redesign

The VLC media player is one of the most used programs on my computer and on my phone. But the android version still seems a bit ugly. So I made some mockups in order to give the developers some input on how the holo design could be implemented.

Note: These are just Photoshop mockups. It would be cool to see it in action but that's up to the developers. ;-)

Zip with all images -

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wow, those mockups look really cool. I hope the VLC developers take a look at your desings (and maybe hire you ).
This is pretty cool. Hopefully the +VLC team helps you implement this.
NowPlaying meets VLC. Not quite a redesign, but ok.
I always suggest a dark theme, especially for photo and video apps. 
Holo is getting really boring. It's like "cool, it looks like it came straight out of the android design website", but it needs something more.
Holo is less about being cool, and more about having a standardised UI across apps. It's an attempt to clean up the mess of interfaces that Android has suffered with over the past few years - one of the plus sides of Apple's fenced garden is that they could enforce the UI across apps.
Well, I'm probably the de facto lead dev on +VLC on Android.
How do we move forward from here ? :D
+Richard Hodgson, your UI can be consistent across the OS while still changing it up to suit your design style. VLC doesn't need to look exactly like falcon pro, google play music, or reddit sync to look like it fits in with android.

Just my 2 cents. 
Really great, but I'd love to see some tablet mockups (because I only use VLC on my Nexus 7).

Great work, though: I hope it sees the light of day in a future release.
I absolutely love it. The playlist management was really cool, did that idea come from another music player?
Wow... Great work!
+Gerard Sala I got the idea from some of the task apps. Watching the Google I/O Keynote right now and I just saw that they used the same idea with the new Google Play Music All Access App.
+Jean-Baptiste Kempf Cool, well let's see. First I'll work myself through the comments here and on reddit and update the screens accordingly. And maybe you have some more suggestions - or can give me some input about features and things I might have forgotten or not thought about. And then we could figure out a way to implement the design. Just write me a message or tell me where I can submit further design concepts or what's the best way to collaborate. ;-)