Things I recognized and/or changed recently on Google Products

1. Google Maps
LOVE: The mobile version comes with detailed indoor view on certain buildings such as shopping malls. You even can switch between floors there. 
HATE: This is not the case on the desktop version.

2. Google Calendar
LOVE: Additional anniversaries with custom designator that are part of a contact set up in Google Mail now finally appear in the Google Calendar.
HATE: Not applicable any more: When I "pulled" a new appointment at the calendar's overview this afternoon it started correctly at xx:00 / xx:30 but always ended at xx:59 or xx:29.

3. Android 4.1
LOVE: When you change the SIM card forth and back, the amount of data used is calculated correctly for each SIM card separately (while in the US, I put a prepaid local card into my phone and the data used there doesn't show up any more after switching back. The data amount from before the trip is shown. Great!
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