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Drupal rocks! - some quick facts:

There are 9 projects (Linux, KDE, Apache, Eclipse, Perl+CPAN, Mozilla+Addons, Gnome, Drupal and GNU) that stand out as significantly larger - roughly 10 times - than any others.

954 people contributed at least 1 patch to the core of Drupal 7, over a 3 year development period. In addition to that, as of this moment, Drupal has some 8291 addon modules, a similar amount as the Perl CPAN archive. These facts don't fit nicely into any column in the above table, but underscores the size of the Drupal community - in fact, Drupal may be the largest open source project out there? The table shows the OHLOH numbers from 2010.
Some time ago I was asked to do a study of our most popular open source projects to assess 1) what governance models are out there and 2) if the governance model has any effect on the project's su...
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