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I will not use G+.

Edit: Never mind Ello, I'm on tumblr.

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Fractal Fireworks

Make images of fractals continued:
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Om det hade gällt en bro i Stockholmsregionen hade ...
Öppna bron nu!

Riksdagens beslut har i praktiken stängt Öresundsbron. Vi som lever och verkar i Öresundsregionen accepterar inte detta och skriver därför, genom detta formulär, ett brev till samtliga riksdagsledamöter som röstade för att stänga bron.

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Toolshed moths all the way down

Created on  +Malin Christersson's fractal site:

Caution! This site is a time sink of the first order.

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Julia sets of Benoit Mandelbrot, Gaston Julia, and Pierre Fatou.

Make Julia or Mandelbrot sets of any image at:

(orbit traps continued)
Image fractals
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Mandelbrot christmas tree

generated by one green cross and one yellow star.

(Orbit Trap Fractals continued)

#merrychristmas   #happyholidays   #GladMidvinterblot  
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I often try to explain how it used to be, but I don't think they can understand.

via +Christian Andersson 
December 20 1990, the world's first Web page is born and is still alive
On this day 25 years ago the world was about to witness the biggest revolution in how we live and communicate since the radio was invented. We did not know it back then, but today we may wonder; how did we manage without it?

- You had to go to a actual music store to listen to music before buying it
- You went to a store to buy a newspaper so you could read what happened yesterday
- You had know idea about what your neighbors was eating for breakfast
- You stood in an actual line to pay your bills
- Road maps was drawn on huge fold-out paper sheets. A minefield on vacations
- Handwritten letters was delivered to you by a man in a red jacket
- Photos was printed and glued inside an actual album
- You went to something called a video store to rent a movie. You could choose between VHS, Beta, Video200, DVD and Blu-ray
- And you actually did talk to your wife and your kids
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