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Heads up, Android faithful! Double Google Photos apps made two of my devices unusable for a whole day until I tracked them down.

Solution: uninstall the Photos that will uninstall - you will be left with a new system app you need to sign into and configure.

Moto G 2014 at 5.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab ay 4.4.2

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Chrysler has an internet facing vulnerability that can kill a vehicle while it is moving. Looks like 500,000 cars found with this issue in a scan.

Please check your Chrysler! 

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The Google Accessibility¹ Team just released a new Chrome Extension plainly called Animation Policy which allows you to tell Chrome to run all animations only once, or disable animations completely.

It works on all animated image formats and animated SVG but does not affect videos.This extension uses the new animationPolicy property of the chrome.accessibilityFeatures² API.

Give it a try now and install Animation Policy at



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I like seeing the code exposed on the sidebar - I hope it opens with the ~ key so the old reflexes can be used.

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"King of the Hill" Denmark, 2012

This tree stands on a hill, not far from where My parents live. I think it’s about a 15 minutes walk.

I always wanted to capture a photo of the tree at sunset, but it’s funny how the things closest to you keeps getting postponed, you can always do it tomorrow.
Well I finally – about a few years ago – got around to capture it, and I really like the outcome.

I added a before and after comparison on my blog:

Aperture: ƒ/11
Camera: NIKON D800
Taken: 8 October, 2012
Focal length: 18mm
ISO: 100
Location: 55° 0.7157′ 0″ N 11° 53.1725′ 0″ E
Shutter speed: 1/25s

buy print:

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I live in the region and missed this one. I will be at the courthouse!
"The Sacramento police have outrageously charged ANSWER Coalition activist Maile Hampton, a young Black woman, with felony “lynching.” After holding her initially on $100,000 bail, Maile is now out of jail but faces the threat of four years in prison on false charges following an aggressive police disruption of a peaceful Black Lives Matter march in Sacramento. But we are fighting back!

Read about Maile Hampton's case in the media:
Sacramento Bee: Woman’s ‘lynching’ charge sparks call for change 

Sacramento News & Review: The young and the relentless: Sacramento’s next generation of activists is up in the establishment’s face

The Guardian: African American woman faces jail in California over 'lynching' charge 

What you can do:
1) Sign the petition demanding that the Sacramento County District Attorney drop all charges against Maile Hampton now.

2) Contact the Sacramento County District Attorney and demand that the charges be dropped. Email and in your email CC both and

3) Maile’s first court appearance was originally set for March 16 and was now postponed until April 9. Join us at the Sacramento County Courthouse to show your support!"

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Didn't expect to see this so soon. My Moto G has yet to get Lollipop at all. 

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A reminder to account for the purpose of a system before we attempt to "repair" it. Will the system ever do what we want it to?
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