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One week to go - I will be debating my Labor counterpart Stephen Conroy.  Get your questions in!
TURNBULL VS. CONROY: The Communications Debate has started. 
We have Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and Shadow Minister Malcolm Turnbull, taking your questions about the future of the internet, right now. 
Post your questions at
Ready, set, GO!
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in the hopes of avoiding a socio-ecconomic disparity, will connection for residential customers to the NBN be a standard across the board fee for service connection????
They need to talk more about the difference in upload speeds.
Dan Roe
1. Which network will have the higher upload speeds?

2. Which network will require the most government funding in 10 years time?
Conroy will wipe the floor with you. I feel sorry for you, having to defend your ridiculous FTTN policy.
My concern is with university funding - I understand that education of our children is of vital importance ,however, our world is developed by university research - our researchers are of vital importance and yet with these new education reforms the universities are loosing out. How can the current government support this or even suggest it??
Conroy doesn't stand a chance in this debate.
Rational discussion, or as part of an election campaign ?
Either way, it's going to be interesting.
Bahahahaha good one +Shelly Stacey. Turnbull has to defend a second-rate NBN, with slower speeds, big ugly boxes, no upgradeability, variation in speed depending on how far your home is from the node, blah blah blah. Conroy will monster him.
lol knew I'd get a bite. We're all entitled to our opinion bro. You bring up some good points, it's just that I consider Conroy easy to beat - I remember him during the internet censorship fiasco.
He may not have a silver tongue like Turnbull, but at least he has a decent NBN to talk about. Poor old Mal has nothing worthwhile to see on this topic. I may be biased, but I think that's more fact than opinion ;)
Who pays the power consumption bill and the replacement of tens of thousands of batteries every 10 years, contained within the thousands of nodes powering copper with 30v connections? How can this be "more affordable" than a passive optical fiber the Labor party is building? The same one that can be immersed in water indefinitely without consequence?
+Max Waldron Rational debate? No, Malcolm will change the subject from the NBN / FTTN potentials and start slandering, attacking, discrediting Conroy / The labor party. Change the subject to  "economics" with a focus on Labors occasional blunders rather than focusing on the FTTN and selling it. He can't sell it, its a dud. Its costs are falsifiable, its timeline is falsifiable, the very concept is a decade late, the hardware is already outdated and there is no way he can defend it. He must attack Conroy, change the subject, control the language used and then and only then can he "win" even though he lost at the very beginning. Watch how Tony, Hockey, Turnbull do this, control the subject, direct the language, allocate blame, pose a position (regardless of truth).
+Mitch Donovan, the sad thing is, it's a policy that works perfectly, and will most likely see them get into parliament just because they're causing people to dislike the current government.
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