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Today, we are truly saddened by the loss of Malaysia Airlines MH370 and our hearts break to think of the unimaginable pain suffered by all families. With this news, Malaysia Airlines, grieves together with you for the passing of our friends, family, colleagues and guest who have journeyed with us.

Let us unite to remember them for who they were and what they did in this life, and support them in prayer. We extend our prayers and sincere condolences.
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Al.fatihah semogo di tempat kn di kalangan org2 yg beriman untuk mangsa mh370 yg beragama islam. 
RIP all the souls lost. My condolences 
أسأل الله تعالى الرحمة للمسلمين من ركاب الطائرة وأن يلهم أهلهم الصبر والسلوان.
To toffee dont know what you are talking....malaysian we are .if born in malaysia....wasting time and energy listening to men like you...heads elsewhere...should you be the one in the bottom sea...heartless creature!!!
I am sure the management and staff have worked tirelessly in trying the find the aircraft and to provide information. While some may say that is not true or they are hiding information just do not understand the vastness of the ocean and indeed the world. Information can be provided when information comes to them. Everyone's thoughts are with the passengers and crew. The world has come together to find the aircraft. We hope it is found soon. 
God knows where are they so condolences 2all of the family 
My deepest condolences to all the families who have lost their love one, may almighty Lord protect their souls
Deepest condolences. .god bless
Semuga roh org2 yg beriman dicucuri rahmat. Ucapan takziah kpd familly yg terlibat.
moga di tempatkan di tempat yg paling baik. amiinnn
+Toffee Rozario Dear macai, get a life, please. Is this how your honest PR party operates? By taking cheap shots during our sad times to gain some political milage? You people are getting more and more worse than the thing you hate.

RIP to the victims. It breaks my heart that some 'fair and honest' people are taking advantage of this tragedy for their own gain. Just shows how mentally challenged Malaysians are.

Salam takziah kp keluarga penumpang dan anak kapal mh 370 semoga tabah menhadapi ujian. !,,,,,,,,
salam takziah kpd semua ahli kluarga penumpang MH 370 jika benar ianya tragedi yg menimpa...ttp bersyukur kpd Tuhan jika semuanya selamat
to +Toffee Rozario cud u pls just shut up?u dunno how hard our PM had to go through when this tragedy happen.he need to face everyone which is NOT easy!stop blaming n live ur life.. dun make any mess bout our country.Al Fatihah.:'(
Inna lillahi va inna ilaihi rajiooon.... May Allah send their soles to Jannah.. Aaameen
SubhannAllah .. to those who wants to condemn or to pass ill-statements, please do it elsewhere, bark somewhere else, please respect these people aboard ill-fated flight MH370, we pray for them endlessly .. all of us will die someday, sooner or later, government or no government, politics or politicians, we are all human, mistakes, human error, whatever, we are not exceptional, so see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil,  be a good citizen, a good human being, thats all it takes to contribute to mankind on this earth .. Assalam.
keep the faith & prayers for MH370. To you all Malaysian friends, government, MAS, and other who have put their biggest efforts in this difficult time, I extend my prayer, hope, support & respect. Sadly, It is in times like these that some people suddenly feel they have the right to attack or badly accuse or label you with whatever they can think of, saying nonsense or bad mouthing about you and undermining all the efforts that have been done. Don't waste your time & energy  listening to them.
Did u ppl still believe in this crap,they lie they don't know what happen with the plane....
Al fatiha.So whre their dead body?
Nick C.
This event has left me so sad. My deepest sympathies and condolences to everyone who lost a friend or family member on this flight. My most sincere #ThoughtsForMH370 .
My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy. May Peace be upon you all.
I just pray that at some point these families can have closure.
my deepest condolence to all passanger of Malaysian airlines MH 370
still we have hope that all are survive , may be it is now miracle, hey GOD please do something, anybody from passenger may call & tell we are alive...
i am with all relatives with passenger, wait... be brave & dont loose your hopes!
divmalay from gmsisuccess
Angel A
+Toffee Rozario I understand free speech and everything, but there is a time and a place to express our opinions - this was not the time for your opinion. The original post is clearly about putting out condolences and prayers to the families and friends of those lost on the airplaine. Not to air out your opinion on Malaysians and their government etc. Go ahead and post your opinions, just be respectful and don't post it on something like this.

My prayers and thoughts go out to all those families and friends. God bless them and get them through this terrible time.
My deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the passengers on board of Malaysia Airline MH370 may almighty god bless them.
Prayer isn't going to help unfortunately
Allah menentukan setiap kejadian dengan penuh hikmah. Semoga warga MAS tabah dalam mendepani cabaran mendatang. Allah lebih menyayangi mereka. Teruskan melangkah ke hadapan dengan servis kelas pertama seperti sebelum ini. Al fatihah untuk mangsa MH370
It's definitely an odd turn of events. Not to mention the fact that the passengers aboard this flight from FreeScale semiconductor were in charge of setting up a whole department... and failed to show is of significant interest as well. Nevertheless, it's a wonder how a large commercial airliner can go missing without a trace in an age of universal surveillance.
Al-Fatihah...for muslim....and....for non muslim...may soul rest in peace...passenger and crew on board MH 370...
+s ramrog not everyone is Muslim and cultures have differences. My faith teaches us to be humble and accept that not everyone thinks and feels how we do. Nevertheless, their actions and words are meant well.
Questions remain unanswered and people's hope and dismay are as turbulent as the oceans being searched. Please exercise humility and reserve comments under this posting to ones of hope and love, whatever your faith. This should not be an area for hostility and anger. Please respect this space.
Whatever is believed by whomever, I pray God will bring peace to the souls of those who suffer and that he will cause people to reach out for him in their grief and suffering. I remain in hope for lives saved.
It was sad to learn that a plane disappeared only to learn that they all perished, with deepest sympathy expressed to their families and friends .
May the lord almighty console the hearts of the relatives of those in the Malaysian aeroplane MH 370.Keep your faith,muslim or christian. 
May the Almighty, grant all the families and friends of the 239, the fortitude to go through this very difficult moments, may He help the world to solve this puzzle! MH370, you will always live in our hearts!
We still haven't found the bodies ,in deep sea is hard to locate,nevertheless they are the real hero,
I can't believe this happened on 2014, I feel very sad for those who where just living a normal day in their lifes (People with dreams, goals and hopes) and now they are the main part of these sad story, I don't want to fly never again.
Get. Frightened with. is. Not. Right 'god sent us in this. World to face situation. After situation. Atleast the people. Who did this won't. Escape. God's. Punishment. 
i hope their families will stay strong :(
Mal ’ALLAH’ swt locate black box.. truth will reveal,ínsya’allah. Condolences to all family / members of Flight 370. A‛MEENN
Where is the evidence that they are all dead. I'm not assuming their dead without evidence
Time to understand & support each other. Not to condemn and blame each other....use our brain wisely
Simon, our country is a joke with people like u that accept mediocricy.If we acted and not slept when the plane was lost, we could have prevented yes we can talk about all the good work that is.being done but where is the root cause
If dear Simon victory, we seem to be learning anything is by understanding what could have wrong, why it could have happen and how we prevent this in future. Since everyone is so engrossed in finding the plane, we forget the lessons that are there to learn
Last if we act on your illusion of wisdom, everyone is already dead. So what have you learnt? We will allow our planes to go missing? We will continue turning to our allies to do the job we are responsible to do. Problem with what is going on now is the Failure for any party to take any form of blame
 pray that the good lord take care of them all and put them in the good place.Hope one day,they come home in good.God bless them all. :)
Semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat & ditempatkan bersama org2 yg beriman..
Mal mxp airport..offices kul pek offices...Kal me!?000 777
Why are the sightings of the burning plane being ignored
Why a witness claim that he saw a burning plane falling down to Vietnam being ignored. 
how ever qatar airways is the safest airline
We pray for all the passenger n not only the muslim ...
All airline are safe....all in Allah well.. Aaamiin

Sorry for the loss of all these families. :-(
We'll forever remember this tragedy with a deep heart. 
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