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Malai Irusappan
Am so much good , but i dont want to waste my time to show/prove it.
Am so much good , but i dont want to waste my time to show/prove it.
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Because Developing for Android was published as a series of chapters (we didn't want to bury everyone in its hugeness all at once), I've posted this as a "Contents" list to the chapters. I've also added a Contents section to the Introduction chapter.

Developing for Android
The Whole Frigging Thing

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May 2015 Material Design Spec Update

Today’s a big day for design here at Google—along with the new, we’ve got a lot more tools and content to share.

For starters, we’re updating the material design guidelines today (, with a focus on guidance for larger screens. We heard loud and clear from designers across the community that the guidelines for tablet and desktop sizes left a lot of open questions, so we’re providing additional recommendations for these sizes with this update. But that’s not all—the list of updates includes:

Adaptive UI: a new section on layout and navigation for large screens.

Navigation: a new section with suggestions for different levels of navigation.

FAB expansion: additional examples of FAB expansion animations.

Launch screens: a new section on displaying app branding and placeholder content when launching an app.

Empty states: a new section on treatment for empty collections and other empty states.

For the full breakdown of what’s been added and updated, check out the What’s New section in the spec:


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Wow! The stage is amazing this year! #io15

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It's refreshing to see that Android 'M' is an improvements release instead of another attempt at recapturing the moon.

Hi Friends , 
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