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Companies/developers are clearly getting more traffic from Android users

So why don't they focus on Android more than iOS?

It's a question that I've been wanting to ask for a while, as the app "Pocket" (was called "Read It Later") revealed in a few charts in January, they get a significant amount of more users from Android than iOS and more Android users actually pay for their app.

Also despite their new redesign as +Guenther Beyer mentioned here being more along the android guidelines:
They still seem to be focusing on iOS in their new ad.

This seems to be the same with many businesses/companies etc out there; statistics show them that they get more downloads and money from Android users, but their focus on the TV ads and other marketing and updates etc is toward iOS. Even the new (sometimes big) apps that are released, they still end up on iOS first, making Android users have to wait weeks, sometimes months for a release for them. Will companies ever see that the majority is in fact Android, or will they continue putting iOS first and then be surprised at the massive figures and income once they actually give the green robot a release.

Will they learn? Will this change in time?

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I completely agree Malachi but if you haven't noticed some apps are debuting on android now and that's if these apps even make it on to the iOS platform (not many but few). IOS is still being favoured by the gadget show for example their app is only available on the iOS platform and haven't made any plans for android but it will only take time for companies to realise this and may eventually deter interest from apple. Some app developers are better suited to iOS than android because on iOS you make the apps for 2 screen sizes only. 1 for iPhone and 1 for iPad whereas android has several different devices running different hardware components and offer different resolutions making it harder to make the apps to run across the range of Android devices that there is . Which is what may put some app developers off android as I'm learning to make my own android HD games it is difficult to compile Java script to run on all devices. So developers have 2 choices with Android make an app for only a small portion of the android device market or spend a lot of time to make a few copies of the app for it to be able to run on many devices without an issue then if something goes wrong on specific devices it'll cause them headache and a lot of work some developers may not be cable of doing. Google needs to do something big about this to convince more developers to choose android over iOS and the whole advertisement part I think that's down to apple paying companies to advertise their product. Apple seem to invest a lot of money in advertisement and raise the price of their devices to compensate this but with the many phone manufacturers out there on android if they all put out an advert for their new high end device android would gain much more interest and so would the companies products for a small price in advertisement they'd get big money back in sales! Only if they'd realise this.
With developing apps for android it mainly comes down to the designer and developer, Google have kindly provided this for all developers: (brows some of the tabs to the left)
Sadly though allot of devs don't look at this, and that's where the problems start. If devs/designers read the provisions such as the one I've linked, they will not run into any problems with screen sizes, you see it's just a excuse some devs make because they're not coding/designing the way Android supposed to be coded/designed.

Also the article with the charts I linked in OP, Android doesn't really need advertising, they already have so many more users than iOS along with more activations per day... The user base is huge.

The only problem is that of which I originally said (and what you pointed out), X Factor, Gadget Show, Starbucks and many more all have apps for iOS, and seem reluctant to bring anything out for Android, yet there is a bigger audience there. Surely they all know this?

PS. Do you code in Java now? Didn't know you knew that language.
I completely agree and I will distribute the link around the xda forums and may we should get a better response the developers!! XD and you'd think they'd take a look at the stats but they seem not to care/take notice. Yes I've been learning Java c++ (c#) for a while now and I'm trying to design a game for the market of android only of course :D there's some developers on xda willing to help me with the text translations into most regions supporting android devices so it should be available in every countries market! Obviously my first game won't be anything like the quality of gameloft or the big companies but I'll sure it'll improve xD
Ill screenshot it on google play when its released !! And indeed max payne 3 comes out on ios in 3 days but android in 8 days :/ small margine but there just shouldnt be one
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