Companies/developers are clearly getting more traffic from Android users

So why don't they focus on Android more than iOS?

It's a question that I've been wanting to ask for a while, as the app "Pocket" (was called "Read It Later") revealed in a few charts in January, they get a significant amount of more users from Android than iOS and more Android users actually pay for their app.

Also despite their new redesign as +Guenther Beyer mentioned here being more along the android guidelines:
They still seem to be focusing on iOS in their new ad.

This seems to be the same with many businesses/companies etc out there; statistics show them that they get more downloads and money from Android users, but their focus on the TV ads and other marketing and updates etc is toward iOS. Even the new (sometimes big) apps that are released, they still end up on iOS first, making Android users have to wait weeks, sometimes months for a release for them. Will companies ever see that the majority is in fact Android, or will they continue putting iOS first and then be surprised at the massive figures and income once they actually give the green robot a release.

Will they learn? Will this change in time?

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