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I know I keep making these, but it's addictive... :/
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good, good, channel the darks side...!
Out of curiosity, what software did you use to create this gif?
I used Adobe Photoshop, can use other dedicated software too. I'm working on another now, should be good!
Its animated? Google + app wont show me ...
Maybe give it a minute to load :) Although if you are on your mobile you won't see it if I'm not mistaken.
Can you make one with 2 Cats attacking each other?
+Annie Jennings Yes I can, do you have a particular video in mind? If so provide a link and I will get on it tomorrow!
how do you add the gif to your stream so it is still animated, when i upload a gif it only shows the 1st frame until i actually click the gif, your one animates on my stream before clicking it,
Will get on that tonight +Dale McDiarmid ;) I have a few more on the way too.
THe last one is the funniest, I loved that video as it's original and as a meme
That kid got dropped. HARD. A sign of things to come maybe...
So, what is the 'secret' to getting the .GIF to play on your profile / in the stream feed? I've been goofing with some I've made and can't seem to find that special formula (yet)
The one I was trying was 312x500 - does it have to be exactly 320 wide - is there a similar restriction on the height?
So 320x240 seems to be the magic number - unless I'm horribly mistaken. ;-)
Hmm I'm not sure, all the ones I made have been 320 wide and doesn't seem to matter about height so far
Well I made one 320x510 and it didn't work. I resized it to 320x240 and it worked - and that's where I stopped testing.
Ok - so I made one that was 400x301 resolution that worked. Huh.
You should have put the MySpace emblem on one of the kids in the background. Awesome!!!
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