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Our Amazing Bodies!

After flicking through many YouTube videos on this stuff, I thought I'd GIFitize one of them.

Here the video is showing a real White Blood Cell (in this case a 'Neutrophil' or 'Phagocyte') chase down and gulp a foreign Bacteria, that would probably cause food poisoning or a nasty tummy bug if left to multiply.

On average the human body has 26.5 Billion white blood cells, they work 365/24/7 seeking out yummy treats (Bacteria etc), this is their primary job within our immune system. sometimes though the bacteria can become too numerous, like if you have eaten chicken that's not cooked properly. If this is the case they will cause the human body many problems... You probably know what I mean if you have ever had an infection of some sort... Not very nice!

A cell in the bone marrow (hematopoietic stem cell) then gets to work to make significantly more White Blood Cells to fight the large amount of bacteria in your body. Keeping a healthy diet and eating well will ensure you don't get too many nasty tummy bugs!

The video is sped up, as in real time this whole chase is much slower in comparison (Can't remember the exact speed).
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No problem +Jason Loeffler, Things like this really fascinate me... The fact that within our very own body is such a vast world full of activity and life. I hope to do more posts like this in the future when I have time.
Interesting use of a GIF. Good idea i love it.
Bo Sun
Who know the link on YouTube?
White cells rock on
Hi Malachi! Thank you for sharing this! I used to work as a LPN, and even though I'm no longer working directly in health care, I still enjoy learning/keeping up with medical/nursing issues.
nice... :)
the RBCs look crenated though...
I can't tell you how amazed and jazzed i am by this. I had no idea it worked so practically...

If you'd never seen it, but needed to create a cartoon analogue of this process to teach children with, this is what you'd make (only maybe it'd resemble pac-man or something); that it actually works this way- this simply- is something i couldn't have imagined.

I'm in such awe. Life, the Universe, and everything is relentlessly beautiful.

Thank you for this truly worthy post, +Malachi Jones. +1, sir.
It's the REAL you! You are the blob (White Blood Cell) monster eating the bacteria invader. We are multi-cellular creatures and that is us at our defensive work! Blows your mind eh?
Well there are bacteria that we live with in symbiosis and those that are invaders. Our White Blood Cells and other aspects of our immune system learn the difference. When they don't you get auto-immune disorders, which are not good. For example, it maybe that Diabetes Type II is an autoimmune disorder (
Yes it does. Always fascinated by nature's capabilities, it's just beyond our imagination...
Amazing...we don't even know how the body battles to protect us.
V. interesting especially as my wife Sheila has just [ about 15 mins., ago] pointed out an item in the Daily about Lloyd Grossman being in trouble over alleged botulism in one? of his products.
+Michael John Bayman I just watched the end of this item on BBC news, was wondering why they had a jar of Lloyd Grossman on the news. If this is the case it could cause a lot more problems if other jars contain it. Be interesting to see how this develops.

And thanks everybody, I am as much in awe of what happens under the bonnet within our body as you guys, that's why I just had to make the GIF and share it!
This is real footage,true......
They work 365 days 24/7??? I demand that the Union do something about this injustice towards White Blood Cells everywhere! it amazes me sick bastards like you still maintain such a brutal work ethic ;)
Amazing! Looks like it has eyes.
Never stood a chance. Bacteria was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
What fascinates me now: The white BloodCell Keeps following the barcterium that it was following even when a second one shows up very close to it. This might be a 50/50 but maybe the cell could 'smell' a difference between the bacteria.
Always knew it worked that way....but action truly does speak louder than words !
And which of God's favours will we deny?
I used to see a movie on this where scientists shrink to see the tumor and the bad person got eaten by this white blood cell
thats something i havent but read
it's like a high speed chase! go white blood cells!
Subah Allah ... La Ilah Illa Allah - I believe in GOD
لا إله إلا الله و سبحان الله
That looks like a real evade capture attempt and a very real search. It even looks like intelligence in the moves. Wow
that is so totally amazing. It's like we have a whole universe inside us.
+Marcia Stopani maybe we are a universe to them. in which case what are we inside? and the big bang was possibly a gigantic fart then ?
You can't post anything these days without the god botherers jumping on-board. Great clip.
That's amazing.
Once heard an analogy that the Earth is like a body and its inhabitants like cells; and when cells go rogue and begin destroying the body, they call it a Cancer. ;) Good thing white blood cells are there to help anatomically!
it missed the other one!

Makes me think that a better white cell can be developed with a bigger memory stack so that it goes back to the last spot where it detected the other bacteria it wasn't chasing.
how do bacteria move in that way is it like a cat or any animal with a basic intelligence or instinct because those cells did try and get out of the way and the white blood cell was surely on a seek and destroy mission
What's the tail at the end of the white blood cell?
Very very cool. But once you've got this big white blood cell that's done it's job for a long time, is it pretty toxic itself? What happens next? Some bio-degradation of the contaminent? Expulsion of the intact white cell?
That's something you don't see every day. It show just a little bit of how God planed our bodies. Thanks for sharing.
+Paul Maguire One of the organelles within the white blood cell, called the lysosome or 'suicide sac', is a kind of self-destruct button for the cell. When activated, it releases enzymes that digest the cell and the 'toxic' white blood cell dies.
Great! What an amazing machine we are.
The human body is indeed a great creation....and the best
This is friggin amazing!!! You can run, but you can't hide!
The CREATOR of these things is far greater than what humans attribute him with. It's in us all like the lines on the palm.
boo Jay
Amazing and scary at the same time. When this perfect biological system goes haywire, in the case of autoimmune diseases, our defenders become our attackers as they can no longer distinguish friend (red blood cells) from foe (foreign bacteria).
In reference to auto-immune disorders, I've had Pyoderma Gangrenosum since 2002. It primarily causes the immune system to attack the skin and underlying tissues of my lower legs to slough off-causing very painful ulcerations. In 2009, my condition got so bad that tendons in my left lower leg became exposed, some tendons died and required excision. I now have chronic tendonitis, which is more painful than the still present wounds-even though I have some skin now.
it is good lesson that how our immune system kill the bacteria, and in which way white blood cell kills the bacteria
You are the blood cells, red and white! That is you!!!!* Wake up people.
its like watching a football match, im cheering for the WBC... c'mon get those lil buggers
I have been fortunate enough to work for a life sciences company specifically one that produced microscopes and the software to visualise the images on screen in 4d. Some really amazing stuff, my favourite was watching a cell divide - truly cool.
That's amazing +James Dadd , I didn't even know they could show what's happening on a 4D screen!
+Malachi Jones thanks malachi, for the info you posted on my site. Love the study of the immune system. Our most important system. 
+Daniel Rice I agree with Malachi, thank you for such sweet words. Life is a gift from God! 
+Robert O'Brien How funny Robert, LOL... so true, those WBC are always working for us, you can thank Jesus for that and his Father! 
+Sai Vadhan Yes we do... its called our wonder T-Cells, google it, and learn about this, it fights off cancer 3x a week in all of our bodies, I will post on this later. 
+Nabeel Ahmad Amen, for sure, Jesus is the truth the way and the life! No man shall enter the kingdom by by him...John 14 
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+Chris Compo The b.b.t. is just a lie from the devil. if you just look and study DNA as I have, you would be nothing short of a fool, to believe in anything but creation and a extremely intelligent designer to say the very very least, as the bbt to create even one strand of DNA would be like a 747 plane flying into a junkyard and coming out with all the junk put together. Get it! IMPOSSIBLE! 
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