Life really has a way of shaking you up, and I know how painful experiences have the ability to motivate you to do something MORE with your life.

For me, it was once I started my path of recovery, I realized I had lessons to share with other women. Over the past 28 years those lessons have vastly expanded. I have learned how to get back up after an unthinkable betrayal in my marriage and ultimately come through my divorce stronger than I was before. I learned that I was resilient and knew how to create boundaries and advocate for myself. The biggest lesson of all has been forgiveness, which has freed me from the bondage of my own thoughts.

That's why I was so thrilled when Toni Black told me she was hosting an interview series all around rising above painful experiences and using them as a catalyst to recognize your truth, passion, and purpose to heal the world of others. It's called: Live Out Loud! How to Connect to Your Truth, Discover Your Passion and Purpose, and Use Your Gifts to Make a Difference! Register HERE! -->>><<<-----
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