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YouTube Movie Maker v16.02 Hot Released.
1. New program user interface, more friendly and easy to use.
2. All-new "Audio Shake Effect" module, now the user can easy to put Shake/Zoom effect on the videos, images, lyric, text, credits, etc. let them to bounce to the bass in the beat like the audio waves do.
3. The "Particle Effect" supports "Emit density controlled by audio" option, now the user can right click the Particle Effect in Overlay Line to check this option, let the density of Particle be controlled by audio.
4. New "Big Font" mode, helps the old user see the program more clearly, and more comfortable to use.
5. New "Audio VU Meter" module, provided more types and options, helps the user easy to get wonderful audio visualizer waves.
6. New "Font Option" module, provided more font types and options, helps the user easy to change the type and color of the font.
7. Now, within "Lyric Maker" module, the user can directly create multiple-layer lyric file, that will help the user easy to create the lyrics video of the duo, trio, and ensemble, etc.
8. Now, the program will auto save all previous configuration within REC Module.
9. Now, the user can directly select the Reference Line when saving the Template.
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