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Win an Amazing Goodies of Oriflame Products...!!!
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Hello beauties!!

Here I am back with make-up section product VOV Eye Liner and Lip Liner Pencil 2 in 1 , to make your eyes more catchy.  I ran over this VOV 2-in-1 eyeliner and lip liner pencil in different shade when I was in quest for an eyeliner pencil that could glitz up my eyes but then look insignificant.

There is no shade name or number specified on the pencil which is a bit unpredictable while searching for specific shades.

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Sun Zone Whitening Protector Face and Exposed Areas SPF 30 High 50ml – A brief review

Hi Girls,

There is an old saying “face is the mirror of your mind”. Indeed it is, one can make an idea about your nature and characteristics by having a look at your face. Have you ever wondered what is that reveals your nature?  Is it how beautiful you are? No, it has nothing to do with your beauty. It is all about hygiene.

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A Brief Review On Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Concealer Illuma Flair 

Hi, ladies,

What is the most prominent feature of your body? I am not talking about your gorgeous smile or your profound and attractive eyes. You made the right guess. It is your skin I am referring to. Irrespective of your skin complexion, the quality makes the difference.

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Concealer Illuma Flair 

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Cushy Your Hair with Livon Silky Potion

A Big Hello to all the Barbie’s on the earth!!!!

I recall when Livon Silky Potion was propelled in India in the early 2000′s it was met with much interest. I wasn’t oil, but then it you put it on after you wash your hair. It made you hair smooth, without the stickiness. Also it ensured to provide for you soft, detangled, reasonable hair.

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Keya Seth fair and bright cream – A brief review

Hi friends. It is morning and time to go out for your office, college or your places of occupation.

Are you reluctant to get out of your home? Well, you should be. Given the fact that sun is shining right and the top of the sky and is beating down, is certainly not something you are going to enjoy while you are on the street. But, is there really any reason to feel so reluctant? I mean, it is just a matter of few hours! Then you will be inside your air-conditioned office room, away from the sun god. If that’s what you think, then think it twice. I am sure you are not concerned about momentary discomforts. It the long term effects that worries you, and there is enough reason to be worried.

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A review on Keya Seths Aromatherapy Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF 25

Dear Ladies,

Today’s hot topic is on Aromatherapy. Actually, I was wondering to take up this topic much earlier but waiting for a right kind of product.

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The Must Have Maxi Dresses – Decency With Sex Appeal

Those days of your life, when you used to dress up in little frocks and you looked like a Barbie doll! You remember those days? I am sure you do. At this stage of your life, dressing up could be a real headache. The fact that there are so many contemporary styles and fashions around, at times become very difficult to decide.

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Nourish your skin with Marks and Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Shower Cream

How are you doing ladies?

When it comes to your looks, the first thing which people take a note of is your skin. Irrespective of your complexion, your skin has to be smooth and soft. So, how do you think you can take a good care of your skin? Well, there are numerous skin care products available in the market, and most of them claims to be the best, however, when it come to your skin, you need to be absolutely sure that you have chosen the best product. Here is one for you.

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Marks and Spencer Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Hand and Nail Cream – A brief Review

Ladies let me share one quote: “You can tell many things about a person’s life by reviewing the nails.”

Besides your face, which part of your body do you need to be clean, soft and in a proper shape? It’s your hands of course! Your hands usually remain exposed and catch attention. So, if you have not yet considered about taking care of your hands, it’s the high time you did so! An important question! How to do it? Well, here is something that is going to solve your problem. An amazing product by Marks and Spencer!
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