Hey all!  A short update on the Tiny CNC.  I successfully added a fully functional Z axis to the robot designs and uploaded the files on 12/11/2013.  I've been intermittently working on another redesign (nearly done now) which should hopefully increase the stability of the robot, decrease it's footprint, and slightly increase it's drawing area.  

I've been bugging online friends and fellow RobotHacks community members for their opinions on different design aspects, suggestions, and continued to blog about my design process/struggles on my website.  

I love that there are now some 10 or 11 of these robots (the two-axis and three-axis versions) out in the world.  At least three people besides myself have created code for their own software to operate the robot.  +Ytai Ben-Tsvi even wrote an Android app that can drive the robot over Bluetooth.

I'm trying to get myself together to enter the Tiny CNC into one robotics challenge (AFRON's Ultra Affordable Educational Robot Challenge http://shor.tw/10t) and an open source hardware grant (WyoLum Innovation Grant 2013 http://shor.tw/10u).  The deadline for one is 12/31/2013 and the other is 1/15/2014.
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