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Have you used MakePrintable? Here are 11 reasons why you should use it: #3dprinting #3drepair

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Ultrasonic Manipulation, Resin based printer 400 times faster, IKEA made its first #3dprinted product #3dprinting

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Top 10 3D printables planters for to help you plant this summer! #3dprinting #Thingiverse

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Certain printing techniques and #technologies are still not mainstream, and there is much interchanging going on in the 3D printer industry. Find out more here:
Vote3D​. #3dprinting

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Good News Everyone! 👏👇👇
Now you can upload unlimited amounts of 3D files for free analysis and repairs 🛠️, only pay for downloads🔽!
Visit MakePrintable to get unlimited free repairs:

We have Four Big Announcements
1. We're happy to say that repairs are now Free and Unlimited. Our subscriptions are now based upon the number of downloads you use.
2. We're bringing BETA back in our all new LABS section.
3. We're testing a new Mesh Repair module called Mammoth GPU.
4. We added an Education Page to start
Find out more here: #MammothGPU #MakePrintble #3Dprinting

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Who is excited about the #WonderWoman 💥 ⚔ Movie? Here are some things you can #3dprint before the movie release:

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Want to get started with #3dmodeling? Blender is a free and open source 3D designing tool. Learn more here:

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#3Dprinted ovaries in mice, soft #robot walk on sand, chocolate scented #3dprinting filament
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