If you would like to be part of Make Your Laws team (and be able to participate in internal discussions), please

1. Be sure to add +Make Your Laws first to your own circles (as it cannot circle you unless you circle it first — this is a restriction of Pages accounts).

2. Leave a comment/introduction on this post saying
a) what particular skills / interests you bring
b) the level of participation you expect to be able to contribute

It needn't be super formal (this isn't an interview) and it's not a promise (you can always contribute as much or as little as you like). It just helps us (including you!) know what members' perspectives are, and when we should particularly ask you to help out on things that are relevant to your interests/skills.

Designers & coders:

Make a github account and fork https://github.com/MakeYourLaws/MakeYourLaws.

Review and sign the copyright assignment agreement located in doc/legal (please read the instructions).

Note that the agreement licenses back to you full rights to use your own contributions however you like, and that the project itself is liberally licensed under the AGPL. The assignment simply ensures that the ownership is not ambiguous, which prevents a large number of potential legal hassles for MYL as an organization down the road.

Coders: First, get MYL running on your local machine. Make commits to your local repository fork until you have a changeset that appears to be fully working for you. Summarize your changes, crediting anyone who contributed ideas, at /doc/changelog.txt.

Send a pull request via github to the main repository; it'll be reviewed, modified if needed, and merged.

Designers: Grab a copy of http://balsamiq.com/download and play with it. +Balsamiq has granted us a free group license; email +Sai if you run out of the demo period and you'll get one.

Just save your design mocks under /doc/mocks and send a pull request.

Thanks, and welcome!
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