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fantastic composite
"Lunar Eclipse over Phoenix".
This 18 photo composite shows the entire lunar eclipse starting with the moon on the far left at 10:45pm, peaking with a blood moon at 12:46am in the top center, and ending at 2:45am on the right. 

This was photographed with my Sony a7, the Sony FE 35mm f2.8 lens, and a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 lens. RAW files were processed in Capture One Pro, and the composite was built and further enhanced in Perfect Photo Suite 8 from onOne Software. I will write a blog post soon on how I photographed and processed this image.

As always feel free to share :)

Prints are available here:
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Into the Mystic

Just after a bunch of rain had dumped on the gorge, I went out on a solo expedition to check out all the action. There's a pretty good sized log jam here that keeps most people out. Nature photographers aren't most people. We're the crazy ones.

Anyway, logs were wet, conditions were overcast. But just my luck, the sun peaks out to perfectly back light these ghost falls!

Prints/Better quality:

Columbia Gorge, OR

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Nice :))
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Spirit of Elowah

Had a fun time shooting this one. If you're anywhere within 50 feet of this fall, Elowah Falls in the Columbia Gorge, you will get wet. There's always tons of misting at this fall. If you cross the bridge in front of it, you will get SOAKED! 

Anyway, the current was running darn fast. So I had to work up the courage to cross the stream about waist high with equipment over my shoulder.. "Don't slip... Don't slip... Don't slip..."

Once I made it here, keeping the camera and lens dry was a constant struggle.

Better quality/Purchase:

Columbia Gorge, OR

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Thanks so much +Margaret Tompkins 
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A long exposure (70 seconds) to capture moving clouds.

These type of shots are always interesting to me. To be perfectly honest I'm getting a bit bored with the nature scene-- not with nature herself, but the constant battle to line up the perfect conditions. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, and it will remain a primary pursuit.

But I'll be branching out too, because there are other types of photography that I'm interested in. 

Salem, OR

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I like the tonality of this image.  
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Inner Spirit

This is easily the hardest I've ever worked for a photo, this photo of Spirit Falls in Southern Washington. I woke up at 7am, a bit tired and under the weather. I drove across icy roads at about 30 mph for 2 hours to meet with some friends in Salem. We purchased chains for his car and headed up to Washington where this fall is located. It took about 7 hours to get to the parking area (the normal drive would've been 3 hours). 

We get to the area of this fall (one of my friends had been there before, but barely recognized it because of the heavy blanket of snow). There's 20 inches of snow-pack. Sometimes I stumbled. Sometimes I just slid. But we descended with the grace of a thousand unicorns. 

It's a 45-60 degree descent in 20 inches of snow for a good 700-800 feet. When we got down there, one slip could've been disaster near the fall. 

I was a bit disillusioned with all the risk at this point, it put me out of the artistic head-space. I snapped a total of 4 RAW files, this being one of them. 

Then of course there was the hike back up which was an hour and a half through 20 inches of snow at a 45-60 incline. On the drive back we stopped at Multnomah falls (it was night already), got out of the car, and were INSTANTLY chilled to the core. The wind was 50 mph sustained @ 20 degree temp. So I abandoned the Multnomah night shot that I wanted to grab.

By the time it was all said and done, and I was home, I had spent 18 hours in bad weather and came out with four RAW files. These were definite extremes for my photography and not everyday practice. 

So comes the name of this photo "Inner Spirit". This trip was much more about inner drive and really testing the absolute edge in ways that aren't necessarily fun but can be rewarding and fulfilling.

See it in better quality here:

Spirit Falls, WA

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+Matt McDonald I agree, in some ways the way down is easier in the snow. Tougher on the way back up.

I appreciate it everyone!
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Majeed Badizadegan

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Epic shot!
Alone in the Dawn

I have been waiting 2 1/2 years to get a shot of this barn that I liked and it finally happened last week. The barn is about 5 minutes from my house so it is somewhere I shoot quite often but it has never quite come together like this before. 

I have come to the realization with my 3rd child on the way that I will not be a travel/landscape photographer, no matter how hard I work at it. So I have really challenged myself to produce images around my home area that capture the beauty and wonder I take for granted everyday.

 I would love to see everyone else's "local" areas too, I think the "major hot spots" are well covered by some seriously talented photogs. Let me know where I can check out your local area and I challenge you to look upon it with renewed eyes and capture the beauty of this awesome world we live in!

Prints are available through my website

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amazing place... 
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Majeed Badizadegan

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500px tweeted this out and shared Facebook/g+ today! Pretty cool.
"Sunset Express" by Majeed Badizadegan:
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Thanks everyone!
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Zen Light

This was taken at Pebble Beach in Newport, OR late last year. These baseball-sized pebbles make a peaceful sound as they roll on each-other with each incoming wave.

Bigger/better view on my website:

Newport, OR

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+LANDSCAPE Photos You're welcome!

Thanks everyone.
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Sunset Express

Here's a warm sunset to warm you up in this cold weather. 

I was driving up from Southern Oregon. The sky looked like this for 100 miles, I kid you not. I knew an epic sunset was in store. I had driven past these tracks off the interstate a couple times and had this spot in mind. The conditions lined up very nicely and I got what I imagined.

Pre-visualization can be a powerful tool in the photographers toolbox, but it can also be a setup for disappointment.

Somewhere off I-5, Oregon

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Cave Light

Another view of this majestic Oregon coast sea cave. It's a bit unnerving being down there, but relatively safe at low tide. A great spectacle as the sun sets and the light changes. 

See it bigger and better here:

Oregon Coast, OR

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#oregon   #coast   #sunset]  
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Awesome shot!
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