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Majed Alsadhan
i run on coffee .
i run on coffee .

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this is interesting.

just ordered a 64g iphone 4s :)

can't wait to try its camera !!

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sad day :(

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pretty cool extension for Chrome, thanks +Jerome Dane
Google+ Tweaks v1.114

This version fixes the Mute button that was lost due to yet another change to the G+ code. It also fixes the layout of the search page when using fixed width.

[Chrome users]( will have their version automatically updated when they restart chrome, or by following [these instructions]( to force an update. Users of the [Greasemonkey version]( can just re-install or use their preferred [script updater](

Spread the word, and share the ♥. If you like this, [buy me a cup of coffee through PayPal]( or help me out by installing [DropBox](, which lets you sync your files across multiple computers. Highly recommended.

Check out the attached video for a walk-through of the main features.

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f.lux has been released for iPhone in Cydia. It's pretty awesome, you should try it !! it's also available for the PC and Mac

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circles, soon i'll be uploading some albums of my recent travels. i mean hopefully, lol.

back to manhattan fully charged after some good time with my family and buddies. 

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Still figuring out this Google + thing....honestly, I am starting to like it!
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