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Maisha Guy
Rule breaking Believer. Hair Geek & Brand Ambassador | Avon Rep | Big Girl Advocate
Rule breaking Believer. Hair Geek & Brand Ambassador | Avon Rep | Big Girl Advocate
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Just beautiful

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Two oceans who don't mix.

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Generation Next Marketing
The most talked about generation since Baby Boomers.

Do you want to learn how to build relationships with #Millennials?
Are you a Millennial, looking to connect with leaders, who are authentic in their service to you?

Coaching Generation Next to Success and Significance

Join me as the Guest of WSA's SpeakerChat on Twitter using hashtag #SpeakerChat at 7p.m. Est, 4p.m. Pacific.

#generationnext #marketing #speakerchat #millennials

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Creativity, Culture and Commerce
The 3 C’s of becoming a significant 501 (c)3 organization.

• Creativity breeds unique qualities, that enhance your visibility and produces enthusiasm from your audience.

• Culture enables you to connect with donors and members on a deeper level.

• Commerce allows you to generate multiple steams of income for your organization.You are no longer dependent on donations or grants, to fund your nonprofit.

What you will learn:
This complimentary tele-call will introduce you to a new perspective and way of thinking when it comes to nonprofit marketing.

During this call you will acquire:
• New strategies and techniques to increase your visibility
• Stretch your organization to become self-sustaining
• Learn how leverage the internet to increase donations

This call is for you if:
• You are not able to cover your annual budget
• You are struggling with your marketing
• You feel clueless about the internet
• You are not meeting your fundraising goals

You will leave with:
• A better understanding of leveraging the internet
• Creative ideas to make your organization stand out
• Thought-provoking fundraising techniques
• Access to my private, exclusive, nonprofit marketing Facebook group
• And more……..


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Maisha Guy commented on a post on Blogger.
Very interesting prospective on getting traffic to your blog. It's also a great to build a community. I use my blog talk radio show Empowered B.O.S.S In the same way you speak about here. A great way to keep your platform fresh with content from credible resources, partners and possible associates.

Thank you for sharing.

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Good morning.....Lovely day to you.

I'm nosing around here for some great deals.  Whose done shopping for Christmas?

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Generation-Next (Culture, Creativity and Commerce)

New platform that allows you to advertise, market and build your business effectively to this generation.

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Today is Impact day......................

Go out be great, and impact others.  There's someone who needs what you have. There's someone who has what you need.

Life is about exchange. The process of exchanging #creative  ideas, #culture  experiences and #commerce .

I am grateful for each one of you. Sending you good vibes, creative juices and much love for your day.

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