Survey report on NL-PRIME
In September, +Mustafa Said asked for open research cooperation on XM detecting vehicle November Lima.
In order to respond to this call, Project Lycaeum, a research community in Japan, gathered informations on NL-PRIME which is running in Japan. The following is a general outline of NL-PRIME among the information collected by members.
Thanks for cooperation to provide informations.

1.Operation Schedule

July 16(Sat) At Aegis Nova Anomaly Tokyo, NL-PRIME first appeared. Test drive participating tickets were distributed by lottery. No running on this day.
July 17(Sun) Traveling operation in Tokyo began. During this period Media related to "Event of Blogger disappeared" was collected by Agents who got on NL-PRIME.
Event of Blogger disappeared releated with NLPRIME, translated by mumu and SielDragon
November 2(Wed) Traveling oepration in Osaka began.

February 11(Sat) to 12(Sun) NL-PRIME was exhibited at the game event "Tokaigi 2017" at Makuhari Messe, and a agents meet-up event was held. "Tokaigi 2017 @ NL-PRIME" Portal appeared. No running for this period.
March 1(Wed) Traveling operation in Nagoya began. Three new confidential information Media emerged during this period.
July 1(Sat) NL-PRIME appeared at "Mission Day Sugito×GORUCK Scavenger Hunt" event venue. A round-trip services between Tokyo station and Sugito operated.
July 5(Wed) Traveling operation in Tokyo started again. On the first day, 3 figures of new confidential information were emerged as Media.
(transrated by +YutoRaion )
July 8(Sat) Nikko Highway (in Saitama) driving course began.
August 11(Fri) NL-PRIME appeared at “Mission Day Kofu” event venue. A round-trip services between Tokyo station and Sugito operated. The ride experience event was held without traveling at the site venue.


◆It is based on Hino Motors Selega. Willer Travel has modified the interior and exterior of two of the vehicles in 2012 and released the attraction bus named "Star Fighter". One of them is believed to be the origin of NL-PRIME. The operation service of "Star Fighter" has over.
Selega | Hino Motors (Japanese)
Willer Travel made the "STAR FIGHTER" publicly available as an experiencable attraction bus | MyNavi News(Japanese)

◆"Maximum Loading Capacity 484,000 XM" is stated on the back of the vehicle. The maximum number of occupants of this vehicle is 22, and when the level16 Agents ride in full, the total XM that this vehicle will carry is 22,000XM × 22 = 484,000XM.
( by +KIRIN 10969 )

◆ (shared photo by +mamori nekotetu )

◆The tour plan of NL-PRIME is planned and operated by Willer Travel, while the management and operation work of the car body is done by the bus operating company by each region. The name of the operating company is stated on the side of the car body.
Tokyo(in 2016):Nanohana Bus Co.,Ltd. / Osaka:SAYAMAKOTSU,Inc. / Nagoya:SHACHI BUS CO.,LTD. / Tokyo(in 2017)TCB Tourism Co.,Ltd.
( +Hiroshi Tsujimura+mamori nekotetu )

◆The wrapping design of NL-PRIME is published on the official website of Willer Travel.On the left side of body is stated Intel Map around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, and on the right side is Intel Map around Osaka Castle in Osaka Prefecture.
NL-PRIME Wrapping Design Data / Willer
(Left side) Imperial Palace in Tokyo,139.72024&z=14
(Right side) Osaka Castle,135.524436&z=14
(+Smith J​ 、 +後日明 )

◆The license plates of NL-PRIME which has been confirmed so far is as follows.
Chiba 00-01 (during Tokyo operation), Kumagaya 15-46 (during Tokyo operation), Izumi 18-15 (during Osaka operation), Nagoya 37-48 (during Nagoya operation)
Although it is believed that the license plate is newly applied every time the operation area changes, there are also rumors that there are two or more vehicles.
( +miu2d4r ミウツー​ 、+mamori nekotetu )

◆On Febuary 11 to 12 in 2017, NL-PRIME was exhibited at Tokaigi 2017 was held at Makuhari Messe and the Portal appeared at the place. Around tire of NL-PRIME was lit up from the inside in green, blue or white in response to the control status of the portal. It is unknown whether this function operates even during normal operation services.
(white and blue)
( +siike M )


◆On Wednesday during the operation period in each area, special tours which famous Agents boarded as a guest tour guide was operated. So far +yuzu 1966 , +sky walkar and many other Agents have been invited as guest tour guide.

◆In this January, +John Hanke , +flint dille , +Raza Ahmad and other Niantic staffs visited Japan, and Meetup event was held. They answerd to Agent's questions, and the new fact of "Event of Blogger disappeared" revealed.
According to it, the missing journalist Kre Masatake had been found in the desert of Arizona after that.
( +後日明​ )
(Report was posted by +enble​ )

◆On Saturday, October 29, 2016, SWAG related to mobile command center in limited quantity was sold by Willer Travel at Mission Day Osaka venue.

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