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Wishing You the Very Merriest of Holidays!

Everyone at Maid Services in Seattle would like to thank the many customers who added Maid Services during 2016 as their preferred choice for regular and routine house cleaning in Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kent, Issaquah, Federal Way, Clyde Hill and Clyde Hill.

We continue to grow our Seattle House Cleaning company and offer our signature maid house cleaning services throughout the entire Puget Sound area.

Simply, a very sincere thanks for making Maid Services a leading "Seattle House Cleaning - Maid Service".

Wishing you much success and happiness in the coming new year!

If you have yet to try our house cleaning services, please consider giving our staff of professional maids a try. We will have your home cleaner and "spotless" and you will see why Maid Services is a trusted reliable name within the Seattle area "house cleaning" community.

We hope to welcome many more Puget Sound area house cleaning clients in the coming new year. Hope we see you...

Please consider our signature house cleaning services and the following link where you can schedule a no obligation bid for your exact and unique home cleaning needs.

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Maid Services, LLC | House Cleaning Services | Seattle WA
Maid Services, LLC - Proud Seattle house cleaners because of our Maids simply clean homes better! Superior house cleaning throughout Seattle's Puget Sound.

Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and most of Puget Sound area, House Cleaning Services.

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A day to honor and remember all those who gave so much...

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Maid Services provides Bellevue house cleaning services that are found linked to "better health" for you and your family.

The Bellevue area of Washington state has experienced an increased amount of new construction in recent times... Including, buildings, roads, homes and other structures. 

Is your home located in an area of Bellevue where construction is active? We hope that you will take a minute to consider the following information:

A clean home is a happy and healthier home!

*The Importance of “Dusting”
Is dusting your home really that important or can be left for that spring cleaning or monthly round-up of the house? The truth is that dusting is one of the most important things you will do in your home.

Homes Are Full of Toxins and Irritants
No matter how clean and tidy you keep your home, hair, dirt, bacteria, and mold build up on a daily basis.  You simply can’t keep everything out of the house.  A recurring program of dusting, combined with thorough cleaning, will help to reduce or remove most of these items.

Limit Allergies*
The irritants mentioned above will aggravate most allergies. By getting rid of the dust, you will get rid of the allergens, and that leads to a healthier home. Some people won’t even realize that they had an allergy to something in there home, and will only notice the benefits when they are able to breathe properly again.

You Can’t Hide It
Dust is just one of those things that you will never be able to hide. It accumulates on all surfaces. One of the advantages of dusting regularly is that you actively remove it from the home, so your home looks and feels much cleaner. The carpets could be vacuumed and everything else could be clean, but dusty surfaces look and feel dirty.

Contact Maid Services and leave the dusting to us!

Or just go to: and submit your request online for a free house cleaning estimate now. 

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Maid Services provides custom cleaning services to the clients in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.
The list of services provided includes, but not limited to the following tasks -
>Kitchen cleaning tasks
>Bathroom cleaning tasks
>All areas tasks
>Items that are rotated from one visit to the next
>Move-In/Out extras
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We can recommend the following article for those of us looking for some great kitchen Cleaning Tips.


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