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Now I'd love me a discount, but this makes sense. 
A Reddit post about a user's buying experience at Tesla turned a weird corner after CEO Elon Musk himself got involved and penned an angry email.
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Apparently the women themselves don't get a choice here ... We still have to make that decision for them. /s

Here's my opinion:
If you want to bring something out of the shadows and the back alleys, you legalize it because as long as it is frowned upon and penalized, the victims remain victims and can't (won't?) seek help. Why? Because they were victimized doing something illegal.
Daphne Bramham: As Vancouver fails to enforce prostitution laws, Trudeau government needs to declare its stance
When the Criminal Code’s sections on prostitution were rewritten in 2014 the intent was to focus on the demand for sex services, in order to make prostitution a less risky proposition.
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Definitely but people like to be judgemental because it makes them feel better about themselves
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Something something sanctity of marriage something something...
Married Conservative Politician Outed For Sexting Teen Boy, Kissing Him In Mall Bathroom -via Flynx
UPDATE: Teen’s Story About Hooking Up With Married Politician Sounds Awfully Like Mike Yenni Ruh-roh! A married conservative politician from Louisiana has been outed for allegedly having a teenage boyfriend. According to hi...
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Sick Christians
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Body of missing Japanese student found at Gabriola Mansion in Vancouver

Vancouver Police have confirmed the body of missing Japanese student Natsumi Kogawa was found at the Gabriola Mansion on Davie Street in Vancouver.
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Two Sacramento police officers attempted to run over a mentally ill homeless man with their car less than 35 seconds before they shot and killed him, according to recordings released by police this month.

One of the officers says f* this guy in the frantic final minute before they shot Joseph Mann on Del Paso Boulevard. Moments later, the driver says, I’m going to hit him.

OK. Go for it. Go for it, his partner responds.

During that sequence, the officers gunned their vehicle toward Mann, backed up, turned and then drove toward him again, based on dash-cam video released by police. They stopped the car, ran toward Mann on foot and shot him 14 times. According to the audio, Mann also told officers he did not have a gun, contrary to a 911 report. Police say no gun was found, although they found a knife.
Two Sacramento police officers attempted to run over a mentally ill homeless man with their car less than 35 seconds before they shot and killed him, according to recordings released by police this month. One of the officers says “f--- this guy” in the frantic final minute.
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Dumbfuckery within walking distance ...
Richmond Centre pepper-spray victims pour milk in their eyes
Police say charges are pending against four people who are either 18 or younger after two men were treated for exposure to pepper spray at a mall in Richmond.
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Oh man ... you cannot make this shit up ...
One of the comments captures it best:
"You gotta admit when Trump takes the bait, he goes all in, face first!"
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@davecribb @rhodri Pity it's a load of bollocks ( …). I do like to pretend it's true though. Media Lens · 9h. Media Lens @medialens .@davecribb @Chrisitv Actually describes an act of real cruelty. Unless you think animals are just 'funny' ...
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What fabulous police state!
Arkansas State Rep. John Walker told the black man whose arrest he was filming: "I'm just making sure they don't kill you." Then he was arrested.
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Here comes World War 3.
That pot's been brewing for quite some time now.
This is one of those stories that makes your heart drop into your stomach. Shimon Peres told this to the editor of the Jerusalem Post about two years ago, under a "you can talk about it when I'm dead" condition. Peres' funeral was just a few hours ago (complications following a major stroke, at the age of 93) and so now it's out.

From what's in this story, it appears that sometime around 2009, Netanyahu decided he was going to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, backed by then-Defense Minister Ehud Barak. He was stopped by the complete refusal of then-army chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi and then-Mossad chief Meir Dagan, with the firm backing of then-President Peres.

The reason this story really makes my blood run cold, however, is that ever since the previous election, Netanyahu has been on a systematic campaign to replace the senior military leadership with people more friendly to him – starting with the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as defense minister, a man of bluntly Fascist politics and famous for having zero tolerance for dissent within his ranks. The recent crisis over the shooting of a captured Palestinian suspect by an army sergeant has become a fulcrum of this: when senior military leaders spoke out saying that Sgt. Azaria's behavior was entirely unacceptable, and that this was not consistent with moral or legal standards, immediately after Netanyahu and Lieberman had spoken out in Azaria's favor, the stage began to be set for a major reshuffling.

This is a very significant change in Israeli politics. To date, the Israeli military has served as a strong check on political militarism, generally being the ones to advocate against military solutions. (Something which may seem fairly surprising and backwards to people from countries like the US, but consider that this is a military that has a great deal of experience of what war is actually like, especially inside their own country, and amazingly little desire to experience more of it) This has roots all the way in the Independence War, when during the Altalena Affair an attempt to turn an Israeli paramilitary group into a sort of "army within an army," quasi-independent of the state (much like Hezbollah is in Lebanon today), was quashed in a violent confrontation with the nascent IDF. The military has long held a very strong (positive) reputation in Israeli politics because of its reputation as being built out of people who have had to deal with all the worst problems, and made wise decisions.

The story below is of Netanyahu almost setting off a massive regional war when the piss rose to his head.* It was only having strong opponents in the military who could act as a restraint on him – a chief of staff, a chief of the Mossad, and a President – that prevented catastrophe. If a similar situation were to arise with a weakened military, or a military whose leadership were replaced by Netanyahu yes-men, the results could be mass slaughter on all sides.

And yet, this is precisely the direction in which we seem to be headed. A Netanyahu government, especially one with people like Lieberman in it, is a threat to the safety of Israel and of the entire Middle East.

The death of Itzhak Rabin in 1995 foreshadowed the end of an era: a time when the founders of the country, people who could hold on to the rudder no matter how high the waves rose, would no longer be present. Ariel Sharon's stroke in 2006 cemented that: he was the last of his generation to really hold power, and the last person in the Prime Minister's seat who could take meaningful and serious risks which might lead to peace and to the long-term stability of the country. Since then, we have had a procession of pygmies, men and women whom nobody trusts to get anything done, often sinking into a stew of corruption and incompetence when they are most needed. Peres was a skilled negotiator, but the Presidency is almost entirely ceremonial, and he never won the sort of broad trust required to make hard decisions – but even at that, as the story below shows, he could be a powerful force for sanity.

Today, as we lay him to rest, and with him the very last of his political generation, we are left in a situation where a crook and a bully, a self-important coward who is brave whenever there is no risk to him, can stay in power for eight years because nobody can organize effectively enough to stop him.

My entire family lives under the shadow of what this idiot might do next. This is terrifying.

h/t +Xenophrenia for the link.

* In Hebrew there's a phrase for when anger overtakes your reason, which is that "the blood rose to his head." There's also a phrase for when one's own bullshit and egomania overtakes your reason, and that one seems systematically more appropriate where Netanyahu is concerned.
"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defense minister Ehud Barak were pushing ahead with their plans to attack Iran."
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I'm there at least once a week for lunch. I love this place. Everyone is friendly and the food is great.
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The room was nice, but the bed wasn't very comfortable and the toilet paper would serve better as sandpaper. Parking was ridiculously expensive. My experience was positive until I came home and saw a bunch of extra charges. It would be nice if the walls were a bit thicker because I could hear the lady in a room nearby who never shut up.
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The food was good, but the service was pretty dry and not very welcoming. The server dripped grease on my wife's blouse from the Iskender Kabob he was serving to the other side of the table and didn't even apologize for it. Pretty negative experience overall.
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Nice little place & friendly people.
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