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And here's something just pleasing: +Chris Hadfield talking about various bits of daily life in space, from sleeping and going to the bathroom to the games one plays. There are still wonderful things in this world. (And out of it)

Via +Paul Hosking.
Chris Hadfield recently talked to Cracked about a few of the things he learned during two space shuttle missions and five months aboard the International Space Station.
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down to earth

Oh my, that's funny... 
Malik, a U.S. citizen and Muslim, says he understands Trump’s stance against Muslims
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Congratulations on the weirdest link I've read today.
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She's wearing a native scarf while at the same time putting up native land and water for Oil and Gas use ... she clearly gives half a fuck about their culture and beliefs.
British Columbia’s Liberal government must walk a fine line between creating affordable housing and causing a crash, as real estate prices loom large over next year’s election, experts say.
British Columbia’s Liberal government must walk a fine line between creating affordable housing and causing a crash, as real estate prices loom large over next year’s election, experts …
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This is a bit ridiculous since bikes aren't feasible for all. Punishing people who have to drive inside the downtown core, whether they live or work there is asinine. Public transit in Vancouver isn't exactly reliable.
I personally take the train for my work commute, but that's only because I live close enough to a train station. As soon as you need to take a bus the whole thing falls apart (in my experience).
Brian Hutchinson: Newcomers seeking parking permits in Vancouver’s West End will be charged $600 a year — a 700 per cent fee increase from the current rate
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Vancouver's always had a hatred for cars - just look at the ridiculous Lions Gate 3 lane shuffle - all because they didn't want highway conditions in/out of the downtown core.

Same reason they're ditching the viaducts, same reason they're cranking the parking tax. Also the reason why developers are told to only accommodate 60% of the suites with a parking space in new towers (which you'll pay a fortune for anyway), but double the bicycle parking availability.

I'm not against their policies, I just think it could be implemented better - we'll eventually all switch to car sharing/autonomous car services anyway, but they seem to cosy up to the corporates at this time and screw everyone else. Evo, Car2Go, ZipCar etc - they're not exactly affordable compared to actual car ownership. They might be comparable, but certainly not cheaper.

Why don't they implement their own car2go equivalent - subsidised via the billions they want to spend on skytrain out to UBC and deploy a fleet across the entire GVRD. If you could 'park-n-ride' anywhere as a matter of convenience, who the hell would bother owning a vehicle (aside from special use occasions when you might take a road-trip, or rent a truck for hauling furniture etc).

We need better solutions, smarter ideas - not reruns of the same crap that doesn't work.
Hell, if they just implemented fast, express bus services, north/south and east/west with limited detours, the city would move faster. From MEC on the North Shore back to my house took me 90mins. It's goddamn 30 minutes without traffic, 45 with moderate and an hour with a grind. To hell with that.. That's why I have my own transport!
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Lock him up.
A Toronto man convicted in a high-profile sexual assault case is going to jail after a judge revoked his bail.
The man convicted in a high-profile sexual assault case is going to jail after his bail was revoked. Mustafa Ururyar raped Mandi Gray and forced her to perform oral sex
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The only thing scary about that movie was that I'd never get my money back.
Two of the biggest stories to come out of last weekend’s Comic-Con involve Vancouver productions. #arts
Two of the biggest stories to come out of last weekend’s Comic-Con involve Vancouver productions. Lionsgate Films successfully completed some masterful misdirection by screening a sneak previe…
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This sounds like it could work 
A property surcharge combined with an equal credit to a homeowner’s income tax is a much simpler way to expose the owners of dwellings left vacant
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Putin's sittin' there face palming ... "I can't believe moron let the cat out of the bag. Was this Orangutan the best we could find?"
Donald Trump on Monday attributed the Democratic National Committee hack that led to the ouster of its chair to “one of our many, many ‘friends’” in Russia or China.
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What would happen if the leak came from someone in Mexico? Would he self-implode?
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You haven't seen it shoot/miss yet.
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Dear world,

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Concerned citizen
NHK: At least 15 people killed and 45 injured in knife attack at a facility for the handicapped just outside Tokyo.
Japanese news agency: 19 dead, 20 injured in knife attack outside Tokyo
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At least this one doesn't seem to connected with any kind of terrorism, or a result of malice towards a particular racial group, or against police officers.
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It's one thing to pay so much for a performance and then not watch it, but it's their money and they've bought their spots ... It's really not her call what they do with their spot.
Rihanna Tells Fans Not To Catch Pokémon During Concert

Rihanna wants her fans to put down Pokémon GO during her concerts and watch her perform. This is, of course, a completely reasonable request, which sadly shouldn't have to be made.

For those who have never heard of the game... lucky you! All you need to know is that it is an Augmented Reality game from former Google division come independent game development company Niantic, based on a Japanese franchise of characters, which apparently causes people to lose their minds!

It may well be more addictive than crack, if these and similar headlines are to be believed.

#ThatHeadlineThough #PokemonGO

The singer asked fans not to play Pokémon Go at a recent show.
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+Mahram Z. Foadi Well it's not like she has to do that herself, that's what Security is for. ;-)
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The food was good, but the service was pretty dry and not very welcoming. The server dripped grease on my wife's blouse from the Iskender Kabob he was serving to the other side of the table and didn't even apologize for it. Pretty negative experience overall.
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Nice little place & friendly people.
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reviewed 6 months ago
9 reviews
I'm there at least once a week for lunch. I love this place. Everyone is friendly and the food is great.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
The room was nice, but the bed wasn't very comfortable and the toilet paper would serve better as sandpaper. Parking was ridiculously expensive. My experience was positive until I came home and saw a bunch of extra charges. It would be nice if the walls were a bit thicker because I could hear the lady in a room nearby who never shut up.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Overpriced. Nothing special. Not for $8.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago