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One of the best cartoons on #Oregonstandoff and extremist religions I've seen. Embedded image. 11:57 AM - 5 Feb 2016. 6 Retweets11 Likes. Reply to @dsstella. Home · Sign up · Log in · Search · About. Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.
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My last shameless Just10 plug (I promise)

For all the times you've asked me "But how's your app different from <other app>?" I can finally answer these questions, but instead I'm gonna take the lazy way out and copy paste Fred's sales pitch.

Don't take our word for it though. Try it yourself. There's an option to delete your account, which deletes you content too (unlike them other networks).

You now have an excuse to say no
There's immense social pressure to accept a friend invite from someone that you've just met - but are you really friends? With Just10 you now have an excuse to say no - whether it's your boss, or your nosey neighbor, you can graciously avoid the social conflict, i.e. "Would love to add you Ms. Human Resources Manager, but I'm already out of space".

None of your data or posts will ever be public facing
You know that sinking feeling, you've uploaded a photo that you thought was private, but it was accidentally tagged as public - you have reason to be fearful. Jobs have been lost through such mistakes, marriages have ended, wars have been started (no not really). In Just10, everything you post (photos, profile data, content, etc) is private. We don't allow search engines to crawl your profile either, so your info and posts are only for you and your chosen nearest and dearest. Even a deep dive google search won't reveal what you've shared on Just10, nor will it disclose the existence of your account.

Go incognito by using any name you want
We're not building an ad network. We don't need your real name. We're not collecting any demographic information or data on your interests. Use whatever name you want, use whichever email address you want, we don't care if you're Dark_Smurf_Princess or Chubby_Iran_in_Vancouver (hi there!) - your real friends will know who you are. That means you can go into stealth mode and gain some security through obscurity.

Fewer friends means freedom to speak
You have various social media accounts, but are you a net consumer or net contributor? Surely you have important things to say, but do you feel free to write them? Our conjecture is that 99% of people don't contribute to social media because they know too many people are watching. Call it stage fright, or self-preservation – in contrast with Just10 you now have a safe place to speak your mind to a small intimate group of close friends. Will you sit back and watch? Or participate?

Your data has a shelf life of 10 days
All content, posts, and messages will permanently and automatically delete 10 days after being posted. That helps prevent something you said in the heat of the moment or as a joke among friends coming back to haunt you years later during your job interview or divorce proceeding. Here's another plus. Requests for information from governments are on the rise. Requests from the Canadian government went up 47% last year alone! No one, including prying government eyes, can get information that doesn't exist anymore.

No advertising & none of your data will ever be sold or rented
Social networks aren't really free. They're designed to help brands and advertisers exploit your personal information. Now consider Just10 - we don't ask you for any demographic information, we encourage you to hide your identity, we only store 10 days of your activity at any given time, we don't allow companies or brands to build accounts, we don't allow third-party applications… we're either building the world's shittiest advertising platform or we're doing business in another way (hint: the latter). If you want to know more about our business plan, you can ping me and I can share that with you offline.

Go beyond the Like with Meactions
How often have you been tempted to "like" a statement like "Car accident this morning, broke my collar bone...".Why be limited to just 2 expressions (like and dislike?). This is why we've built meactions - a unique way to express your emotions to posts and photos through small icon level images of your face that you can easily customize. 

Unfiltered news feeds
Most social networks understand that they're inundating you with information, which is why they filter your newsfeed and only show you posts that they predict you're more likely to click. Doesn't this just prove that you have too many friends? In Just10, your newsfeed is raw, real, and unfiltered.
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Are we really shocked that an American politician is getting mad money from banks?
The irony of criticizing Clinton's ties to Wall Street: She may have the most comprehensive regulatory proposals.
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This really needs to stop. It's moronic and anticompetitive. Nobody wins but the lawyers here.
Apple has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reject Samsung's latest appeal in the ongoing patent suit between the two companies.
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Exactly. The two companies make the money back by raising their prices.
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I think they called in and asked for the "Piss Prize" ... the operator assumed an accent and wrote down "Peace Prize".
Like.... as a joke?
Nobel Peace Prize nominees: Greek island groups welcoming Syrian refugees, an escaped ISIS sex slave turned women's rights activist ... oh, and Donald Trump.
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Remember when the shitty Canuck's fans blamed Luongo for these things?
Yeah. It's not your goalie. Point your finger elsewhere.
The table was set. The Vancouver Canucks were home, they were healthy, they were well-rested and they were playing the National Hockey League’s worst team.
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With the treatment he received here, I don't blame him.
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Another great one by Satch.
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Typical product development cycle.
1. CEO decides he wants to build a Social-Holistic-Impact-Transmedia app, let’s call it SHIT for short. ¶ 2. CEO tells …
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Looks like criminal intent runs in the family!
Meanwhile in the Bundy saga, another son of rancher Cliven Bundy's 14 children sentenced. This one's also named Cliven. Felony burglary and firearms charges and failure to appear in drug court.

Ironically, caught on an all-terrain vehicle riding outside permitted area on public lands.

Background on his criminal adventures:

ht +John Poteet 
A son of Bunkerville cattle rancher Cliven Bundy was sent to prison Wednesday, less than two weeks after being dropped from a specialty court program.
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That's a nice asshole you got there in'd be a shame if something were to happen to it!
Pete Santilli, the right-wing online talk show host who embedded with the militia at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, will remain in federal custody until his trial.
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Dude, you're a criminal. Officially. You're a domestic fucking terrorist. Shut the fuck up already.
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Loved it. Went with a group of six family members. Our favorite servers were Adriana and Citlali, but everyone was pretty nice.
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