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Try it :)
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I got 8. I confess I figured a few were still wrong, but I was getting sort of tired of it!
Haha seriously? You knew a few were wrong and still got 8?? That's awesome! I got 54 and i thought everything was right
Hee. Well, I'm pretty mad about color, I think. I think 8 was good, sure, it's just that I felt like I was giving up on it!
It's okay :) you know you'd have a lower score if you din't give up. It's all good :)
Maybe! But maybe it really says "your eyes will turn into bugs if you try too hard to see color differences. " ;-)
I hardly think that most people taking this test have a properly calibrated monitor. Unscientific.
Do it for fun, not as a scientific method to test for any color vision deficiency
Well, I can tell you, +Rob Zimmerman if we're being all seriousy, that my monitor is calibrated very, very carefully by the man, who is an artist, photographer, and marketing creative director. It's his thing. I have several different calibrations, as a matter of fact, for various purposes, in addition to the general "let's match the chroma of a certain type of piece of paper, etc." one.

However. Like she says. It's for fun.
+Lily Alice Excellent! That makes your 8 pretty indicative of your ability. Sadly my monitors are not calibrated at all. :)

+Mahima Sivasankaran It is fun, of course. I was just pointing that out. It's the scientist in me.