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Aseem Trivedi went to jail over this cartoon. Apparently it insults the Indian national symbol.

I say nonsense. All it does is insult the corrupt politicians who insult the national symbol every day.

Perhaps you might like to share, forward or spread this far and wide - till the government gets the idea that it can't censor free speech by jailing the speaker.
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effectively articulating the status of the nation.
I don't think there is any difference between this Government and the Chinese. No fundamental rights left .
Absolutely right, all it insults is the corrupt.
No doubt this picture depicts the current status of Govt....Thanks for sharing this cartoon at-least I came to know about Mr. Aseem Trivedi...& his campaign...
it doesn't insult the indian symbol but it seems like that!!!!!!!!
idiotic man how dare he could insult the indian symbol............
Cass XD
exactly stupid ppl
Rekha Rao
Going to jail for a cartoon defies "Freedom of Press/Expression" - however India is one of the countries where Freedom of Press is not absolute. (refer to )

It is not right to send Aseem Trivedi to jail

Having said that, if you want to express displeasure with corruption and politicians why and how it is helping by defacing a national symbol ?
Kya yah Govt . only showing Ashok symbol or planted fruitfully tree , shelter , and arrangement free water to public,  ???

If not then this is comes deshdroh for this govt. who use this symbol .

I have pic where Laloo Yadav residence insult the National Flag but no FIR Why ..??
These corrupt politicians are insulting our nation daily.

How many crores scams, they are threat to national security and integrity uska kya??

Someone has to sacrifice his/ her life to eliminate these corrupt politicians!!! 
aaj satya hi bhrast ho gaya hai kiska sachcha kaha jai,
This should be used as a tattoo which will be drawn on  every officials fore head who are found corrupt.
How weak is our national pride that it feels insulted by a damn cartoon?
Well its the same thing in the US where you get arrested for burning the flag ..point is none of these governments tolerate decent ...
Too many symbols. Little actual work! Politicians are wounding us with corruption and killing us with jingoism.
Yeah this is called hypocrisy of every Government. 
Our Politician's Don't really know the meaning of Insult..
They do not know they are actually insulting each and every indian every moment with their corrupt activities..and just to hide their dirty Jobs they divert People's Attention to Such petty issues.
Democracy..Where is it...?
aseem trivedi"s cartoon well justified current political situation in india.and illegal action taken agienst him.
This expression is just brilliant and it reflects the politician's mentality of our country.
it is symbol of our govt.
to corruptive
+Chris Lewis : It's actually not illegal to but the American flag. I don't understand this cartoon, can someone explain it to me?
It is a powerful cartoon. With so much bad news every day we seem to have become numb. This certainly served its purpose very well by making people feel shocked. 
geeeeeees leave the wolfs alone winter is coming
our politicians always spend their time on these kind of matters but not for geunine or good is endless
I praise the person who tried to show the true color of India...every one knows it's the representation of our current Indian govt. not National amblem...
If a simple cartoon makes a man go to Jail where should our corrupted politicians who kills and suffers millions of people in an indirect fashion would go?
never make cartoons of indian symbols, if you are willing to make cartoons then make cartoon of politicians.
I think freedom of expression is fundamental for democracy, and let it be the winner
obviously we can't have anyone mar the face of indian democracy..............btw that was sarcasm if u couldn't guess it.
Spot on....Aseem didnt insult the constitution....The politician rape indian democracy in the name of vote everyday...every moment...If they were so worried about constitution, they should have resigned enmass after coalgate...if not after 2G...
 present govt. is proving bharstamev  jayate  .
I thought the same as Beza, initially mistaking this as a depiction of Cerberus.

I wasn't aware that this was India's national symbol, is the real symbol an Avatar or does it represent something entirely different?
I'm guaranteed to never know more without taking this opportunity to ask if someone would be able or want to provide any information or history, which might lend itself in attaining a deeper understanding of the topic, any additional shared knowledge would be very useful and deeply appreciated. Thanks.
and you all wonder why the eskimos live in the artic=eh
right.....india is a lost county corupted.
you are right. sadhya paristiti hich ahe.
If we doesn't correct ourselves, I am sure that one day all will become like this before the whole world.
Let us work for our nation!!!

Chak de India,
Wots wrong wif having imagination? Some ppl so pathetic n narrow minded.
and who will get the last worm under that heavey rock.
Thank you very much Harmohn. Looks like someone is heading over to the Wikipediaville.
actually this is we at every step when we should stand for justice we hide, and when we fall in problem then we find nobody with us.
 but i very hopeful what is going this days i think soon we are going to face a vibrant change like ____ spring.
          we must protect the "freedom of expression" 
                                 i support "Aseem Trivedi" and demand his release as soon as possible to the Authorities.
it is same as infamous Blaspemy law from our neighbouring country.
some people hold grip of the nation and loot the wealth of the people, it is not symbol but the kleptomania
no wonder the aliens dont land and have a cold beer.
the only reason i cant relate this to american politics is that the wolf/jackal has more than two heads! SUPPORT NONVIOLENT DISSENT OF THIS NATURE!
"I fell" Constitution should be rewritten, it does not meet the present generation.

If our constitution that much power full in the world,
then how the scams are coming, how politicians and other are protecting their black money. Many of the politicians are wasting public money in Parliament do we and our future generation Deserve these.

What we need to do, just sit back in a seat and watch TV that some guy fighting against corruption.. that's it, do we have no responsibility to show dislikes on Current situations.

If i have supreme power i like to Remove all the executive power, administration and Developing powers from "politicians" and leave it to the people like panchayti raj system. Then i hope people don't need to beg in front of a "politician house or office" for making them a hospital, or road and what ever.

Do we really don't have right to show dislikes on present situations.
dont worry when the pack of wolfes attack=its just the other wolfes they are attacking=stand back and watch.
अशी राजमुद्रेची अवेहलना करू नका  काही नेते भ्रष्ट आहेत याचा अर्थ असा नव्हे की सारा देश भ्रष्ट आहे. अशाने देशाची आब्रु आपणाही काढतोय याचे आपणास भान हवे.
Some bad people are hiding behind these state symbols and institutions.  Good news is that they have very hard time doing it in the information age. Their intollerent behaviour reflects their desperation to stay afloat.
we humans make good alien tv=our planet is number 1 on their tv sets.
There is no freedom of speech in our pseudo-democratic nation
No one person will ever censor the mind of another.
but i don,t agree with you.
The ASHOK LAT is the symbol of whole integrated India, and obviously many other good and finest example-nary things are in this country. and Aseem Trivedi's cartoon falsely reflect India. and definitely he should apologies for that. 
this makes me even happier to live in the u.s.a.. i'm very sad that they would actually jail someone over a cartoon! thank you for the enlightenment! have a better day and i WILL spread this news.
In our country it has become a common practice to take action against the people who fight against corruption. This is another incident in this regard. It is a shame on the part of Government to arrest Aseen instead of taking steps against corruption and anti social activities. 
Bb b b bb b h b bbb b b b bb g b b ,
who, talking about freedom of speech, he must know the gravity of words.
Reading more on the emblem itself, has helped immensely, in seeing Mr. Trivedi's message in a much clearer light and grasping the full power of his statement. Learning that the motto on the official emblem says, "Truth Alone Triumphs", has allowed me to glean the true impact and import of Trivedi's biting critique.
And from the comments made here, it sounds like India is becoming or has already become a modern day kleptocracy.
How long must the citizens of India wait for the next opportunity to vote out those who would raze their very own country from within?
Clearly those in power have subordinated national interests for personal gain. Something one would prefer was not part of an elected official's resume.
Hopefully these kleptocrats will learn just how true The Buddha's teachings are, with regards to the inescapable nature of impermanence.
U E Right Sir, in this situation how India compare with China for Economy & for rapidly Development
Not just politicians, I think we Indians are just very easily offended.
Politicians, religion, fear, and hatred... Keeping the world closed off to curious travelers since the beginning of time.
+Linda Rogers You should know that #India  is the biggest democratic country in the world. The people of India have the power to dethrone the government. This image insults the Indian Emblem. It is a offence in India and every other country including USA. So you should know that Even if someone insults your national emblem He will go to jail.
Cj Ross
Political cartoons have been used to stir up talk about issues since who knows when.  This one has done its job and done it well. Everyone should be involved in, and be aware of, the politics of their respective countries.
+Chris Lewis +Alex Shull The legality or view on burning the flag is not the issue to worry about.
People feeling they need to do it is the problem.
Our flag is a pure symbol of hope and freedom... It is corruption of the government that forces people to burn it in effigy.
insulting the National pride......if you find some inconvenient you criticize the particular area,,,,we can not attribute the Mother for the sin of a son.  I can understand your feeling.....expressing our anguish...not the way like this.
The fact that the cartoonist was sent to jail is that the Indian government is not as liberal as it portrays to the foreign media.  It also sends a strong signal to foreign investors that India is not open to change. Over the years this should also explain the exodus of Indians to other countries.
+Chris Lewis We can most definitely burn the American Flag. As long as it is one that we own. 
so it's about hurting someone's feelings! interesting, but STUPID. just my opinion.
I may be incorrect, but I think the Stars and Stripes is only considered to be our nation's flag, here in the USA. Whereas the American Bald Eagle is our national emblem. Yet we can do just about anything in regards to depicting either. One can do anything they want to whatsoever, when it comes to the flag in this country, without legal repercussions. I believe the only thing that is currently against our laws, is the killing of an American Bald Eagle. And this is due, I think, to the American Bald Eagle being at one time considered an endangered species.
The U.S.A., largest country with democracy, the oldest democracy, who
provide voting rights to women after 200 years (approx) of his freedom. if
U.S.A. consume 200 years to be a example of good democracy, how can anyone
comment on India, that achieved lots of milestone in just little span of
time. India is in the developing stage. and I'm sure that India will setup
a better example of a democratic, humanistic and sovereign country than
This is the award for speaking the truth against corruption and the scamsters in an Independent sovereign democratic REPUBLIC STATE OF INDIA.
+Dileep Kayani , I understood that much.  So the cartonnist turned the lions guarding the honor of India into a pack of bloodthirsty dogs?  Is that the idea?
+Ryan DeClue : In the context of this post the question is entirely about the legality of doing so.
This cartoon is insulting the country sure.
Lol. All over a cartoon picture. Seems trite in the grand scheme of things. How pathetic is a government to put someone in jail over a silly picture on a computer with all of the problems it's having. Course our government is trying to pull the same kind of crap. That being said, I dare the US Government to even try to arrest one if its own over a stupid picture. Seriously???
+Gireesh Chandra Let's hope that it does, because the "Free Speech Zones" in the US are getting smaller and farther removed from anywhere that matters by the hour. Some of us over here are looking for an escape route, because it's becoming increasingly apparent that democracy, autonomy and freedom of expression are not permanent once achieved.
An indivisual may corrupt not a nation. But the idea is good.
While the right to talk may be the beginning of freedom, the necessity of listening is what makes the right important. -Walter Lippmann
Apparently congress is typical in all countries. :-)
Gireesh, I don't believe any comments from Americans were meant to denigrate India or the Indian people. They seemed to be in support of what sounds to be the goal of replacing those corrupt elements within your own government. The comments regarding our free speech laws are coming much more from a place of lamenting over India's current travails, and hoping you too will have these very same rights, if so desired.
Only a fool would insult a storied nation like India, with its rich history and contributions to the world at large.
We are rooting for you, and your future. We are also aware and many are ashamed and disappointed in some of our history, but we try to correct that which we can. Evidenced by the way changes in our nation's laws have been implemented. Our documents aren't etched in stone, otherwise the very ills you mentioned would still be lawful and in place.
No one is passing sweeping judgments on India or her citizenry, so please respect that we appreciate your current situation and how untenable it truly is, but we don't appreciate a slap in the face whilst standing in support of the people of India. We know our history all to well, and many have lost their lives fighting for the changes we see today in our nation's laws. Humanity is flawed by its very nature, and history is one way to look back upon the times when we've recognized such flaws and addressed them head on. Change, though inevitable, doesn't come without some cost.
+Dinesh Pathak A nation is only a collection of people, and a government only the ruling minority of a nation. Don't mistake a tiny fraction of a population for the space that they live in or the culture they participate in. The nation is merely the power structure which sits atop these things, and it is neither eternal nor separated from the concerns and nature of the people it is made of. If the people who are in charge are largely corrupt, then the nation is. If you take away the corrupt rulers there is no nation, and if you take the power away from the rulers they have no capacity for corruption. It thus becomes clear that the essence of the nation was the corruption itself.
politician must've felt guilty themselve by seing this cartoon...because they are the one who bite this country off...grrrrrr...offended by cartoon....lmao
Very true, thanks for sharing
Its resembels present status of upa gvt
A very good commentary on the state of any government today. 
Isn't it a sorry state when third world low life governments only have to worry about their flags being insulted? But hey, don't worry about the starving innocent children or the poverty you're country is in. You arseholes will always be third world until you move with the times. many likes .. & shares of the  best post
Sunday trivia: Can you answer the origins of the skull & cross bones and the true meaning?
Ok?  So it's insulting. Wouldn't try to say otherwise. However, I don't see a reason to throw a person in jail over a cartoon and I believe that the actual people that ordered him to prison and the people that wrote the law that caused this are the true enemies of the world and I pray they are wiped out when the country's people decide to do something about them. India should consider a 2nd amendment before it's too late.
cliff, I am pretty sure that India is not a third world nation. Insulting one of the biggest populations on the globe should do wonders for your credibility on the international scene!
It is depicting true colors of Indian politicians after 65 years of indipendence. His arrest is another blow to the free expression. How long they are going to hide all this...
^^yes corruption can only be done by criminals who are running this nation.
Sarkar ko is ghinauni harkat k liye Aseem trivedi wa unke pure pariwar se national tv pe maafi mangni chahiye aur unpar hue utpeeran ka muawaza bhi dena chahiye, what govt did is clearly immorat, aur agar is desh me ye freedom of speech bhi nahi rahega then these criminals in parliament will completely wipe out this nation, and these are wolves, unki scrutiny ki hai kabhi kisi ne? nahi uppar se ye news wale gadhe bhi ghalat reporting kar rahe hain.
vo indian hikya jo desh k izzat aur mariyada ka khyal na kare........
they should not be said as indian
This is not good for the freedom of the country.
Nalayak sarkar hai yeh. Bhrasht neta log ke khilaaf koi action nahi lete hain ye log... Aur jo sachh dikhata hai usse jail mein daal dete hain. Nark mein jaayenge ye sab. Sab log bolo TATHASTU.
To depict corrupt politician is there a need to misrepresent the national symbol of a whole nation? Not sure about that. The national symbol represents the nation and the values it stands for, not politics or political community.
His popularity just sky rocketed. I guess we wouldn't be discussing this if he wasn't jailed. I would go to jail 100 times if that helps to spread the word around. Gandhiji must be smiling now.
It's not an insult to the national symbol, it's a representation of situation currently happening in our country.... Our symbol has highest honor above all. But as democracy meaning is substantially undermined by our most of politicians, situation is running on it's worst phase ever. Most of them have taken it as career path of doing the business.. Among them hardly anybody bothers about country and people... There is practically no good Governance, all functions have been overridden by corruptions. Cartoon symbolized that...
This is for corrupt politicians, and the bigger shame is that they are still thriving in the system and their is no one willing to stop them.
India will never prosper, until the people themselves root out Corruption from all sectors of Government and Public Sector. India is infested with Corruption
+Adam Glass biggest population means nothing. I have seen many many documentaries about the state of India. It isn't what it makes out to be. The poverty in India is massively high. I suggest you do you're research to find out the real truth about India.
Coalgate perps walk free & a cartoonist expressing his anguish is jailed. Mera Bharat Mahaan ! We must protest this serious miscarriage of justice.
Politicians all over are fairly immature, Indian politicians always top it... especially fools like Thackerays and Prasads
I am so GLAD to live in America!
+cliff kirby Population size has absolutely zero to do with a nation's status as 3rd or 1st world. I am quite familiar with India and the numbers which impact its standing. The factors that are used to decide such status run the gamut from economics to education to medicine. No one would argue that there are parts of India that if focused solely upon would be third world but there are many parts that are unquestionably first world. It is currently considered to be a second world nation, with some who will argue that it's first. Those who believe it is a first world nation are focusing too much on GDP and trade. Then on the other side there are people who would agree with you and say India is unquestionably a third world nation, but once again this is too narrow a point of view. The thing that will continue to slow India from first world status much like China, interestingly enough is the very size of its population, which you erroneously credited as being the reason I said India wasn't a third world nation.
I have done my research as you suggested, but my research has spanned time and is based on a number of sources, not just documentaries. There's more to India than meets the eye or the camera lens.
Unfortunate is a judge in India gave his green signal for this cowardly act. Time for international media to shift focus from China to India...
Definitely reminds me of. The guardians of Hades.
Symbolism looks correct to me.
My idea of a third world country, rightly or wrongly, is any government treating their citizens in the manner that they do. They are so far behind what I would consider, any modern country etc. No matter how anyone addresses it otherwise, there is no doubt that there is more than meets the eye on this debate. It may be well a narrow point of view but, its just my opinion and not based upon any particular facts.
Cliff its not a great idea to write without knowing the facts..Never the less you are almost 70% right about what U have written...
+sankar mishra thanks but that's why I put the last bit of my statement in. I do not pretend that I know much about this subject.
Not only Indian ,,, the 200% of countries do same ,, [ why 200% ? ... Well ,, cuz some coutries are 2 , 3 , or x times worst than others ] .. huh
+cliff kirby I completely understand, now that you have written a bit more, what you were basing your statement on regarding the label third world. It came across initially as though you were stating a fact, which was why I disagreed. I don't entirely disagree with your opinion and it isn't narrow. The problem is that I was addressing Third World status with regards to the current way it's generally calculated. It used to mean something slightly different, during the Cold War years. Third World countries at that time were those nations who were not aligned with either of the two spheres involved in the Cold War. I think you mistook the second half of my initial comment as being the basis for my statement, whereas I only meant that you could be upsetting quite a few Indians with that label. And since it's India, just a few could be well over several million.
Wow.. whatever happened to free speech.... well im not surprised such draconian laws exist to support our corrupt politicians!
I know right?!  we need presidents and politition who actually care about RIGHTS instead of when their next vacation will be
Is this the equivalent of listening more to what comedians say about politicians than what the politicians are saying?
It's truly ironic that the great democracies, the governments that promise freedom, are the ones that who hear about every night on TV violating some basic freedom.
Not a right thing to temper our symbols and these symbols do not represent the curropt politicians. These are our pride.
+Locke Smith That's partially because they only violate a few freedoms and maintain others.   Governments that violate a lot of freedoms, well, if there isn't a revolution going on, most people keep their heads down and try not to attract trouble from the government.
Sean G
Do you have free speech in India, same as USA?
All seems same, corruption in Government, controlled by big business.
Nations need to take our Countries back!
But sadly any anti government free speech results in jail or assassination
Just noticed....
Ass Ass I nation... Is that why? Government says. Ass Ass I nation = getting shot? Weird...
Be surprised my keywords don't set off an alarm. Now I'll be watched... Lol
+Rekha Rao It draws attention to the complaint. In the USA the reason why we fight to defend the right to say (with a very broad definition of "speech") the vast majority of things is due to bloody experience.
We all hope that the problems there get resolved quickly--and none expect that to happen.
I think gov did right Decision,Never inspire other 
Sad state of our democracy. Can't even make cartoons without goin to jail nowadays.
This act of Neheru-Gandhi family leaded Congress, reminds us British Raj...
Instead of arresting Aseem Trivedi for a offending cartoon, the Government should arrest few cartoons offending the nation!!
perhaps you guys dint see the 4th beast on the other side which is non another but "CONGRESS" itself .congress is the sin and curse to india.
Aseem trivedi will say this song "Mai karu to saala character dhila hai..." ....
It is a sheer insult to the above illustrated clever animal, to our senior in the evolutionary protocol, with no disrespect to Darwin. Even the insects are 400 million years senior to us, what to mention of white - dyed manifestations of anti  -  matter from other cosmos !    <   O    >
This is not the right way to show agression,if aseem trivedi want to comment on polititions or politics, he can draw cartoons on them, but for them insulting national symble is not acceptable,
This is not the right way to show agression,if aseem trivedi want to comment on polititions or politics, he can draw cartoons on them, but for them insulting national symble is not acceptable,
This is not the right way to show agression,if aseem trivedi want to comment on polititions or politics, he can draw cartoons on them, but for them insulting national symble is not acceptable,
This is not the right way to show agression,if aseem trivedi want to comment on polititions or politics, he can draw cartoons on them, but for them insulting national symble is not acceptable,
Sal PN
Artists have different way of conveying a message. This is one of them  and is more effective and drawing attention. I do not find anything offensive with this. 
They dont show this cartoon. Not a single TV ch. Thanx for ur ifo. U r right.
This reminds me of one statement by our Pt. Nehru made to Lord Mountbatten while India was engulfed in communal riots during Partition. The circumstances was that our interim Govt. was failing miserably to contain the communal vigilance and our Chaha (Uncle) Nehru had gone to ask for Lord Mountbatten's help, our revered Leader had said "We only now to stage Protests and not to Administer"

Very Apt, the only change is that our Govt read Gandhi- Nehru legacy has graduated to become a good administer of LOOTING, CORRUPTION, VOTE BANK politics, SELLING off the Nation to Meera Radia & Jaiswals of the world. After all these years I wonder how my nation would have looked if still a COLONY. It is Govt., who should be behind bars for sedition and not a common Man.

Vande Mataram
I guess Pakistan & India have same problems with Politicians. 
I dont agree with u +Hitesh Trivedi drawing cartoons of politicians will also end with the same results - land u jail.
Totally agree with +Sal PN there is nothing offensive in Aseem's cartoon. His work really depicts the current sceneraio in the country.
i did +1 and going to share this post, will these dot dots will also arrest the +1ners 
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