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The abrupt end of this week's +All About Android

I realize I ended this week's episode with a rather sudden shift in tone and subject matter, and I mentioned not wanting to go into further detail as to why.

Truth be told, I'm still coming to terms with the experience, and every day, its getting easier to understand what happened, but what I realize is that there are only positive things that can come from sharing the story, especially because it has a happy ending. THANKFULLY.

 I didn't want to get into details during the show cause I didn't want to dilute the message, or misconstrue my reason for doing so.

But honestly, it weighs heavily on my heart, and I think writing about it might actually help me to move beyond it, and might actually encourage others to take action of their own if ever they are in a similar position.

Last weekend, I was at a pool party with lots of friends and families. Towards the end of the evening as it was getting dark, I decided to throw on some goggles and dive into the pool to see if I could swim from one side to the other while holding my breath. When I started underwater, I notice a dark form on the floor of the other side of the pool. Unsure what it was, but fearing it might be a person or child, I suddenly found myself swimming as fast as I could to investigate and sure enough it was the body of a little boy, my friends son.

Holding my breath underwater was never easier at that moment, I still hadn't come up for air. Adrenaline is a crazy thing. The boy was lying on the pool floor, face down, absolutely still and completely colorless. It was as if he was lying on your living room floor, but at the bottom of 4.5 feet of water. He had drowned. My reaction was to swim to him as quickly as possible and lift him out of the pool, which I did. This is a scene that has replayed in my mind countless times since then. It's kept me up at night and its brought me to tears.

My memory is somewhat splotchy but I remember coming up with his body and screaming "Help! Help! I need help!" over and over as loud as I could scream, at which time THANKFULLY his parents were there quickly, running over and pulling him from my arms.

I then recall his mom on top of him at the side of the pool doing chest compressions and counting up to 30, then pausing as his dad breathed into his son's mouth 2-3 times. At which time his mom began swiftly compressing his chest counting loudly to 30 as she did it, basically repeating the process. I learned about CPR prior to having our first child so the process wasn't foreign to me, but watching two people who REALLY knew what they were doing (he is in fitness, she is a nurse) was really powerful. Knowing that it was his parents made it even more so.

This went on for around 2-3 minutes, though my sense of time is warped. All I know is at some point, I eventually saw the boy twitch a few times ("he's moving! holy shit he's moving..."), move his arm, and finally vomit all over the pool while still lying on his back.

CPR continued until it was obvious that he was lucid and by this time, the ambulance had arrived. He was whisked away to the ER with his parents. My wife and I kept their 2 year old daughter with us to take care of her while they went to the hospital with their son.

Something to know about drowning is that simply reviving a person who has drowned does not in fact mean they are out of harms way. Secondary drowning is something that happens when water enters the lungs, like happens when someone is drowning, and restricted breathing as a result of that trapped water can take place anywhere between 1-24 hours after the incident. Risk is low (1-2%) but significant. He had considerable water in his lungs and pumping his lungs of water still resulted in about 10% of the water still in there that they couldn't pump out. He was monitored in the hospital for 48 hours to be safe.

He was also given a multitude of brain scans and tests and all tests came back positive. No brain damage, something that begins to set in after around 4-6 minutes of no oxygen to the brain.

We don't know how long he was in the water. Based on his skin color (grayish to blue) when I found him, and based on the tests and oxygen saturation in his body, the hospital expects he was likely in the pool for around 2-4 minutes. Meaning had I not gone into the pool when I did (a freaky, random decision on my part cause I NEVER swim laps thanks to a shoulder surgery years ago, and I also NEVER wear goggles cause I don't actually own any), he would likely be brain damaged at the very least, or worse yet, dead. We literally got to him, and revived him at the last possible moment.

We were lucky. So fucking lucky.This boy has been given a second chance at life. His parents were given a second chance at having a son.


Because of quick action on our parts, he is alive. On Monday while at work, I got a text message. I checked it and it was a photo of him in his hospital smock, smiling and playing. It hit me hard. That being two days after the incident. If anything had happened differently, I could instead be getting a text message with details of his funeral. Instead, I got a picture of him being a four year old kid, happy and healthy, and ALIVE.

This is why I didn't tell the story on the show. Please don't mistake this post for being a story about me and how I helped. This is not my story. This is about how knowing what to do in an emergency actually saves lives, and that's important stuff. If YOU know CPR, something that takes little time to learn.... YOU could be the one to bring someone back to life from death.

Can you even understand how powerful that is? You are literally a super hero. Magical powers. All that shit. Knowing this is the difference between life and death.

(deep breath) OK I feel better.

Become CPR certified, please:
Why Train with the Red Cross? Training people how to respond to and prepare for emergencies is a core mission of the American Red Cross. We offer a range of health and safety classes that teach you new skills, keep you knowledgeable, confident and ready to respond in almost any emergency ...
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I don' t know of two people who are more genuine than the two at the helm of Google. I don't think Sundar Pichai is any different.

The people at Google do want to change the world for the better and it shows in everything that they do. Sure, there are missteps but I don't think there is any genuine malicious intent.
Decided I'm not going to write anything about this — I think it stands on its own merits.

But I will leave this here:
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Well deserved
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"The New York Fed categorically rejects the allegations being made about the integrity of its supervision of financial institutions."

What credibility do these people think they have to make statements like these? Does anyone at the Fed actually think that the general public would actually believe anything they say?

These are some of the same people under whose watch the world was brought to the brink of financial collapse. Livelihoods were destroyed, economies collapsed, and countries are still struggling with the aftermath of the crisis precipitated by the same banks that these people were overseeing.

I don't know anything about Carmen Segarra other than that she worked in compliance departments of private firms before taking a role at the New York Fed. So, I can't claim to know what transpired between her and her employer. What I can say is that there needs to be more transparency in the regulatory process because right now, everything happens behind closed doors. Nobody on the outside knows what actually transpires between the regulators and the banks. We got a glimpse of some of the meetings through the secret recordings that Carmen Segarra made while she was at the fed. The This American Life podcast on these recordings are worth a listen

We finally have at least some conclusive evidence of why there seems to be no repercussions for some of the truly despicable and downright disgusting activities that go on at some of these banks. The regulators themselves seem unwilling to use their powers to actually regulate the banks, because they need to maintain a "friendly" working relationship.

Other Links:
Michael Lewis on this subject ProPublica
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"If you take the Apple logo off of this, and you just imagine this was made by some other company, say Samsung for example,  and they come out and say 'here is our revolutionary new watch - it's a square, it has a knob on the side, it has this really weird software and it only works with our phones' - You might have laughed it off the stage if that was a Samsung Galaxy Gear or whatever it was. "
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Thoughts After Apple and General Frustration with Google and Android

I don't think there is anything that Apple can ever come up with that will make me switch from Android even though I have now come to hate the horrendous battery life, terrible camera performance, camera app crashes, random reboots, horrendous battery drain issues, overheating, screen freeze, bluetooth connectivity issues, software issues etc. of my Nexus 4. The reason I stick around with Android even after such a frustrating experience is because I can't stand not being able to do what I want with my device which is still a no no in Apple land. You can only do what Apple thinks is best and that hasn't really changed much even with the addition of third party keyboards, cross-app communication and the like - all features android has had since inception.

I hope +Google  fixes some of these issues that have been inherent problems in Android since the beginning. I have been disappointed every time since the first smartphone I bought (Nexus One), but that hasn't stopped me from buying the GNex or the Nexus 4 because I have always hoped that someday these issues will get fixed, but it has become extremely frustrating.

After seeing Apple Pay, I can't believe Google screwed this up so badly. Google Wallet has been around for years and they let it languish. They could have made a similarly seamless experience with mobile payments, but it doesn't look like they made even the slightest effort to do anything to advance mass adoption. NFC has been on android phones for years and nothing has come off it.
Google just can't seem to execute on good ideas - Google TV, Android TV, Android at home, Nexus Q, Google Wallet, Chromecast. That last one (Chromecast) seems to be doing much better compared to other forays into the TV space by Google, but there just doesn't seem to be a push for broader adoption.

The Apple watch doesn't look like what a lot of people were hoping for - something magical, solving a problem that nobody even knew we had and there have been comments made about huge disappointments all around.
People said similar things when Apple released the first gen iPad. I was one of them. I thought it was a joke and thought "look at that - they super-sized the iPhone." Apple sold millions in the end and created an entire new business. 
I wasn't impressed with the watch announcement either, but I don't know if I can say that these things won't sell. People like apple products and they probably will buy a ton of these watches.
A big iPhone, mobile payments, and a smartwatch -- Apple has finally delivered on three of its most longstanding promises about the future of its mobile business. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is now...
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I am surprised we haven't seen any leaks yet which is why I thought maybe they canceled the Nexus line like the rumors we heard a while back. We will just have to wait and see. If it comes it should be by the end of October. I think the Nexus 5 was a Halloween announcement last year. 
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Really excited about our big news, announcement of Alphabet!
As Sergey and I wrote in the original founders letter 11 years ago, “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” As part of that, we also said that you could expect us to make “smaller bets in areas that might seem very speculative or even strange when compared to our ...
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It is just completely unacceptable for Google to make people go through this kind of crap just to buy a Nexus device. This is just beyond ridiculous. If Google can't figure out how to manage inventory to meet demand after five years of doing this, they should just stop putting out devices entirely. 
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Interesting Chat between Matias Duarte and Joshua Topolsky about design.
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Common sense is not very common and apparently, those who have it tend to lose it a couple of years later.

iPhone 5 - TV Ad - Thumb - Commercial:
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+Mahesh Hariharan What if the amount of pressure needed to bend the iPhone was half as much at the weak point? The 15 year- olds in that YouTube video sure didn't look like they were trying very hard. What if only 35- 45 lbs. of force were needed to bend it? If that is the case, then there will be a significant number of problems down the road. It would be interesting to see +Consumer Reports do a pressure test on the weak spot.
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It's actually cheaper - in some cases but not all — to buy a phone rather than get a subsidized phone on a two-year contract. It’s all in the details. Once you start examining the cost of a new iPhone, it may not look quite so irresistible.

This is a fact that applies to not just the iPhone, but to most phones that people buy on contract including flagship phones on other platforms like the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Notes running Android. But, like the article says 

Unfortunately, many Americans are allergic to math.

That applies to most people, not just Americans. We just don't take the time to figure out the actual cost of things. If we did, we wouldn't sign contracts with carriers, we would buy our phones outright and we wouldn't be "upgrading" our phones so often.
Investors as well as consumers might want to look closely at the purchase plans that carriers are offering for Apple’s new iPhone 6.
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Oh Captain, Our Captain
Tonight, we're all standing on our desks saluting our Captain Robin. Long before he became our teacher of life, laughter and poetry he was a student and college classmate alongside my mama...

My mama went to school with Robin Williams. Growing up she'd tell my brothers and I stories about the wild-eyed boy she'd see skipping through the Juilliard hallways. As a classical flutist, she shouldn't have run into him, but all the lockers in the classical wing were taken, so she was assigned a spot in the drama wing where she'd bear witness to daily scenes of silliness and the strange beauty of a star forming, with the same miraculous (and not-so-slightly manic) energy that whips celestial dust around to make something bright and new in the universe.  

Tonight I asked my mama what she remembers of Robin, she told me these four specific scenes are captured perfectly in her memory: 

She remembers the rainbow suspenders that would become his signature, holding up pants too big for his trim waist.

She remembers an elevator ride stopped short, stuck between floors, with the dashing and delirious boy who treated the whole ordeal like an improv exercise - at one moment heroic, declaring that he'd save them all, the next a fearful mouse cowering in the corner - all the while, a famous acting coach, arms folded, scowled unimpressed and my future-mom tried desperately to suppress her giggles.

She remembers every morning seeing snippets of action seen through the little rectangular window in his am-acting class' closed door. He'd fly through the frame, leaping like he was already peter pan. He'd sashay and flourish a french accent, twirling an invisible mustache. Then embracing his inner-caveman, he'd lumber by dragging a girl by her ponytail back and forth across the rehearsal floor.

She remembers the same boy sitting on the lunch table with his food on he chair below him, turned backwards and upside-down flipping the world and reshaping it to his own desire, every moment an opportunity to wreak delightful havoc, break form and reveal the joy of the ridiculous. 

So, in honor of her long-lost classmate, of our teacher, our genie, our peter pan, our therapist, our nanny... Let's remember to seize the day, every day. Oh me, oh life, Robin Williams and Walt Whitman got it right:

"Oh me! Oh life! of the questions of these recurring,
Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill’d with the foolish,
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean, of the struggle ever renew’d,
Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me,
Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me intertwined,
The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?

That you are here—that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

Bangarang, Daria

#RobinWilliams   #RIP   #MakeGodLaugh   #OhCaptain  
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